Friday, February 11, 2011

Verdict is in, it's a...


Can't you tell I'm a girl?
 And yes, I am super pumped. I was very nervous during the day of my ultrasound, and it lasted until our tech gave us the great news. I tried not to get my hopes up super high, but I knew I wanted a girl so bad and in my head that meant I was getting another boy. Trying to focus on what the tech was saying was almost impossible. I spent the whole time trying to scope out the junk. At one point I thought I saw a little boy part and my stomach knotted up. I had expected this, but it was still hard to take. Then she said, I know what you are having and went on to explain how you tell a girl from a boy, I was still thinking boy, but then she said "And those lines there mean it's a girl!" Elation and relief was all I felt. There was even some disbelief, and I asked "Are you serious?" Then I teared up, just a little, and continued to grin for the rest of the appt.

Of course, there was cause for celebration so I gave our little girl all the breadsticks and salad she could handle and then preceded to buy her some clothes. For years I have looked longingly over at the girls side of the store, and this time I was in it, shopping for my own little girl. The clothes are adorable, but for some reason I still can't pay full price for them, so our collection will build slowly though I already have some super cute pieces.

Sorry, I was too lazy to turn it I guess, and eventually she'll have pants!

Now I am looking forward to decorating little Riley's (yes I have known this would be her name for years) room. I love doing crafty things and have already started a few. Mostly I am waiting to find the perfect bedding so I know what colors to use for sure. Poor Brady is going to be living in a girl's room soon! But I think they will love their baby sister!