Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We've got some winners!

I'll get to the winners, but first I want to say a big thanks for all the congrats and well wishes you sent to me, okay and Coach, about our future track star. I especially want to thank those who are also hoping for a girl for me. Boys are great, but I am ready for some calm, and ruffle butt tights! And you're welcome for the picture of my pee stick. It represents everything I love about the blogging community, sharing too personal info and then receiving well wishes for it! But really I love and appreciate you all, and I promise I will draw the line at taping the birth and posting it! I don't let cameras anywhere near that scene!

Alrighty on to the winners. We had a total of 86 entries and the magical selected 12 and 61 as our numbers making Alma and Ashley our winners!

Alma said...
I love Bondi Bands - they solve bad hair days AND work for running. I would be interested in trying one of their hats though - I think it would be thin enough to fit under my bike helmet + be good for running.

  Ashley said...
I would choose a plain, black ponytail hat :)

Congrats ladies, contact me at and I will get your info to the lovely Rebecca. Thanks everyone for entering, and to Bondi Band for sponsoring this giveaway! Don't forget they would make awesome stocking stuffers! And don't fret, I will have more goodies to give away soon!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Secrets Revealed!

Well, the time has finally come to explain my absence from the blogging world...I don't know how to say it poetically so I'll just blurt it out. Coach knocked me up. Dang, men! Yep, we oopsed again and now I've got a bun in the oven. I had a scare the month before and was sort of relieved when it turned out I wasn't. You think we would have been more careful, but you've seen Coach in those boots, hard to resist! So, now begins months of hardship on my body. I am always really sick for the first few months and moving is not easy, putting running way out of the picture. Then near the end, my pelvic bone separates making every movement excruciating, again there will be no running. So you see its not that we don't want more kids, its just that it takes me so completely out of the game, that we were hoping to wait a while longer. I had lots of plans for this year, especially running/triathlon wise and I selfishly wanted to accomplish them. That half-marathon that I already signed up and paid for, about a week before my due date (beginning of July), it's definitely out.

The proof- yes I just posted a pic of a stick I peed on!

I'm not trying to seem all down about this, I am happy that we are adding to our family, and if it is a girl, I will be even more thrilled. It just usually takes me a few months, till I can stand and eat again, to get excited about it. But, unfortunately when I feel this sick, reading and writing blogs falls by the wayside and I hate that. I miss you guys. It sounds dumb, but I don't like not knowing what you're up to. I will try to stay in contact as much as possible and we still have more giveaways to do. Plus, there is always Coach if he can find the time. My saint of a husband has been working all day, then coming home and taking of the boys, the house, and me. It doesn't leave him time for much else, but I will try and force him to take a break and let you all know what he is up to. For now it is all about waiting this out. I also have some more blood tests to do for lyme disease again as the first round showed that I did have a prior infection. More waiting for that.

I really hope you are all doing well and accomplishing your goals. Don't forget that we do have a giveaway going on that ends tonight. Two winners will get their pick from Bondi Band! Just clickety HERE to enter. Hope to catch up with you all soon!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bondi Band Giveaway!

Everyone knows about Bondi Bands, even my mom does, they are huge in the running world. With many styles and options, they have something for everyone. I had been dying to try one of their pony tail hats with the cold weather coming (or having arrived) and Jesse has been looking for a solution to keep all that sweat out of his eyes. Rebecca at Bondi Band was kind enough to grant our wishes and solve our problems. Jesse picked the very appropriate "Coach" headband in black and I chose the pink pony tail hat.
See him glistening with sweat!
We'll start with Jesse's review. He was a little doubtful at first that this thin band would keep his eyes dry, even the thick headbands couldn't do. So he suited up and took it on an indoor ride, the biggest sweat producer. By the end, the bike was covered in his drippings and his clothes were soaked through, but he was happy to report that no sweat ran down his face. He then made himself really happy by wringing it out, even more surprised by how much sweat was held in the tiny band. Now, he doesn't ride without one, even if that means using one of mine! And he has more on his Christmas list.

Even with my lack of running lately, I was able to take my hat out on a chilly evening run. First, I loved how cute I felt in it. Jesse always loves the way my ponytail bounces when I run and I feel like this just accentuated it more. During my run it was great at keeping my head warm while I warmed up, but didn't bother me at all once I started heating up. Of course, in true Bondi Band fashion, it was awesome at wicking away the sweat. When I was done, I looked very fresh. It has also been great to wear out in the cold for everyday use too!

Now I know this has got you drooling for your own. If you can't wait, visit Bondi Band and make a purchase. Don't forget they have the awesome buy 5 for $25, with code FIVE. But you can also try your luck and win something from us. Rebecca has been great enough to offer 2 of our followers their choice of prize! That's right, you get to pick what you want! How do you enter to win, just leave a comment for each method of entry. You have until Tuesday, Nov. 30th, and I will announce the winner the next day!

~ Be or become a follower!
~ Visit the Bondi Band site and tell me what you get if you win!

~ Like Bondi Band on FB HERE (Tell them we sent you!)
~ Follow Bondi Band on Twitter HERE
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~ Make a purchase from Bondi Band (worth 5 entries)
~ Tweet, fb, or blog about the giveaway. (1 comment for each)

Good luck! Get to entering and spreading the word!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Good news!

After much careful thought and prayer we have decided, not to move to Minnesota! I really appreciate all of your comments and words of advice. I know that someday I may have to move away from my family, and it will suck, but I am sure I will come out a stronger person on the other end. However, now just doesn't seem to be that time. So, the more local job hunt continues. Even Seattle would be fine, it is still within driving distance, but the ultimate hope is that we can stay in our house since we just bought it and don't want to pay back the $8,000 the government was so kind to give us.

Grandpa with his boys!

In other great news, it is snowing. I love everything about Christmas and the holiday season. Snow just makes everything so pretty! I love just gazing out the window as it flutters and floats and swirls around. I'm sure I'll still even measure it like when I was a kid hoping for a snow day. Unfortunately, snow days don't apply to real jobs, but if we get one, maybe I can take the kids out to play with Grandpa since he's a teacher and snow days are exciting for him too!

And the last piece of good news is for you guys! With snow comes the season of giving, and what better time to have a giveaway. The snow is telling me tomorrow would be a great day for a giveaway!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I don't know very much about Minnesota, but I know it is far away from Washington. Right now, Jesse is debating whether or not to continue trying to get a job at CHS corporate headquarters there. They want to continue interviewing him and we have to decided if we would relocate for this job. He currently works as an accountant for the local CHS and this job would be a big promotion, not only in pay but also in job stature. So that's the good.  The bad, I am a huge family girl. I currently live within 30 min of my parents, 10 min of my youngest sister, and next door to another sister. My family helps and supports us so much, especially with Peyton. Then there is the matter of Peyton's doctors, therapists, and school. We are just getting him into a routine and really like the people we are working with. If we moved, we would have to find all new people. Of course, there are also lots of other little things that make me not want to move, but those are the biggest. Like, I said, I don't know a lot about Minnesota. Is anyone from that area? Do you like it? Are there good races? Specifically, we would be moving to the Minneapolis area. I do, however, refuse to be a Vikings fan. I can't dump the Colts like that. I could get behind the Twins, though. We do know that Jesse can't stay at his current job and have us survive. Student loans have to be paid back starting very soon and Peyton's bills were never something we expected. So, there it is. Ok, virtual strangers friends, what do you think? What would you do? We need some guidance or at least some outside, and objective, opinions! Thanks!

Winner, Winner, Chick 9 Dinner!

First, a big welcome and thanks for suiting up with us to all the new followers out there! I haven't been the best blogger and commenter lately, I will be able to explain soon, but know that I have been reading in silence. Can't wait to get to know the newbies! Second, I would like to share a message from Krista, the brain behind Chick 9, that she left as a comment...

You are so cute in the t-shirt! Love the comments on the shirts from everyone...I can make any of the designs in any size, so if you win, just let me know! I also do custom designs!


And no, I didn't post that because she said I looked cute in the shirt, but it's a bonus. I just wanted to make sure you all knew that if you wanted something from her, but your size didn't seem available, all you have to do is ask! These would be excellent gifts or a nice treat for yourself!

Ok, onto the winner. After all the tabulating there were 94 entries and the mysterious picked #55!
RunKnitRun said...
You're on my blogroll!

Congrats! Just shoot me an email at tressaabe11 [at] hotmail [dot] com and I will get you in touch with Krista. Thanks for playing everyone!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Like Father...

Like Son...

Apparently my boys don't see wearing boots as an excuse to cover up their glamorous stems!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gift Idea!

Coach sweats, a lot! Like wring out the clothes sweaty. When he rides the bike indoors, it is even worse. The towel under him gets soaked as does my poor bike. He also needs something to wipe himself off with, but I don't like him using our good towels for it. I thought it would be fun to try one of the sport towels out there, and I was lucky enough to find Words to Sweat By on etsy.  They were even nice enough to let us test out one of their towels. Since Jesse would need it most, I let him choose our saying and he went with the motivational, No Excuses. I would have picked the super appropriate...

Humorous Workout Towel - 10 more reps and the cupcake is history

When it arrived, it was already wrapped like a super cute gift. Perfect for instant giving.

It has now found a permanent home on the bike. He always faces the saying towards him, and has commented that he loves it, it actually keeps him going. The towel is also the perfect mix of softness and absorption power. I have washed it several times and it is holding up great. At $9.95 they are more than a regular towel, but still a great price for gift giving or a treat for yourself. We all know we will use whatever it takes to get us through a run/ride and if a towel can do that, bonus! Coach has now put this item on his Christmas List. I would also like one, because I am not sharing and the cupcakes one is so cute and true, especially for after the holidays! Check them out HERE, you will find one you like I'm sure.

And if you are looking for other great gift ideas, don't forget to check out Chick 9 Clothing and our awesome giveaway for one of Krista's tees! Just click HERE to get entered!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hawks Win! Hawks Win! Hawks Win!

The last couple of weeks, I would say that I (Coach) have been in a pretty serious funk. The last eight weeks or so of no running is starting to get to me. The trainer doesn't seem to be enough, and to boot, the Seahawks had seemed to be in the habit of taking it in the rear playing poorly.

I don't want to blame my entire funk on the Hawks, but correlation sometimes can mean causation. The Hawks were down and they brought me right down with them.

That's not me... but it's it's just ridiculous enough to be cool.
But a new day has dawned, the Hawks have won, and this week is looking up. The beat down of Arizona has inspired me to kick some butt myself this week. I have decided I'm going to try to run this week, hopefully my knee will decide that it wants me to run as well. I'm also going to get serious about getting down to racing weight, the extra 15 pounds seems to be the reason some of my injuries persist.

So here we go, a new week... a Hawks win... let's get it goin'.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Giveaway, just as promised!

Ok, I am really excited about today's review and giveaway because I think these products are just so cute and unique! Curious? Have I peaked your interest? Good! As I was browsing Etsy one night, I came across a site that sold sports themed clothing for girls. Finally, something that didn't say Hannah Montana on it! I had to know more, so I clicked on it and found the wonderful world of Chick 9 Clothing!

Right off the bat I saw tons of adorable shirts with my favorite sports all over them. I don't have a daughter yet, but I plan on getting one, and this is exactly the type of clothing that stores are missing. Not all girls want to be cheerleaders! As I browsed, I was super excited to find that she makes all the same shirts for women, too, up to a size XL. That means babies to mommies can be rocking these shirts!

Some of my faves!

Chick 9 was founded after Krista couldn't find anything sports related for her friend's little girls. She decided the solution was to start making them herself. Luckily she knew what she was talking about, because Krista was and is an avid athlete. I love that the brand is named after Title IX, which opened the door for women in sports. I definitely think girls need sports, and great clothes! So, Krista was kind enough to send me a shirt to try as well as one for my niece (my little model). I had a hard time picking, but decided to go with my latest passion, running, and got this one...
and I knew exactly which one I wanted for my niece...
It says, Athlete Not just a pretty face (we'll see if that proves true!)

They got here quickly and I immediately loved how soft they were. She warned me to go up a size, because the women's can run small and it worked out perfectly. I like my shirts to be a little longer and it was just right! I have since washed it and it still fits perfectly. You can see we look great in our shirts, but I know Madison is cuter!

And they are kid proof too!

For some reason as soon as I went to get my picture taken, the boys got very clingy!

I got hers a size up so she could wear it for a long time!
Of course, it gets better, although it's hard to beat seeing me in yet another picture wearing something you want. Krista has offered to let one of my followers get a tee of their own, or for a wife, daughter, etc. Actually, the winner can pick one regular priced item, or two sale items! Yipee! She does have great stuff on sale, so even those on the tightest budget can get some, and they would make awesome Christmas gifts and are also a hit at baby showers and birthdays (who really needs more toys?) And if you don't see the sport you want, let her know, she loves a challenge!

How do you enter to win, just follow the easy steps below. Leave a separate comment for each!  The giveaway will run till Wednesday the 17th at 9 pm PST!

Mandatory- Be a follower of our blog!
Mandatory- Visit Chick 9 HERE and tell me what you would want if you won!

~Like us on FB HERE (yes, this is new!)
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Ok get to entering, buying, and spreading the word!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I saw the Witch Doctor...

Ok, he wasn't really a witch doctor, but for some reason I couldn't get that song out of my head. Actually, he was a really great doctor. It was my first visit with him and I was pretty nervous. I still think of myself as a 12 yr old and have trouble talking to "adults", so to make sure everything got said that needed to, I brought an advocate with me, my mommy. Yes, as a 25 yr old with 2 kids, I had to bring my mommy to the doctors with me, and no she didn't hold my hand! It's ok you can make fun, it's pretty pathetic, I just get so shy and nervous. Anyways, Mother by my side, we told the doctor everything that has been bugging me for years and more recently. He asked lots of questions and seemed very knowledgeable, especially in the area of lyme disease, which is why I went to see him. By the end, he had concluded that something was very wrong and wanted to test for several different things, including lyme. After taking lots of blood, they let us know it would be about a week or so until the results were in. Now we are back to the waiting game, but I am definitely sidelined until then. Not a super informative visit, no great mystery solved, but I finally feel like we are getting closer.

As far as the rest of my plan, it hasn't been fully played out yet due to further complications with my body, but I'll have more on that later. I need to be better about trying to do whatever I can, namely the stretching. So, that is the update. Stay tuned, I sense a cheer me up giveaway coming tomorrow!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Santa's Workshop & Our Winners!

So I won't even be mean this time and make you wait! Out of 91 entries our winners were #8 and #9 
 Meredith said...
You on my blogroll!

Kim said...
You are on my blogroll already!

 I guess having me on your blogroll is good luck! Meredith from Therapeutic Runnings of a Mom is our #1 winner. So pick your fave and then Kim from (Just) Trying is For Little Girls you'll get the other one! Here is what you are choosing from again.

Congrats ladies! Shoot me an email at tressaabe11 [at] hotmail [dot] com with your pick and addresses! As for what I have been up to this weekend, well I am hard at work in Santa's Workshop (aka my Dad's house.) I have been painting and decorating. About 10 years ago, my dad started making wooden figures to decorate his yard with, and it has since blown up and his yard is full of them. We all have fun coming up with new concepts, painting, and then proudly displaying them. Since a few of my sisters and I finally have our own places, we got to make our own this year. It felt like such a rite of passage. I will show you what work we have done so far, but it takes weeks to decorate my parents house, so we aren't even close to being done! I'll make sure to show you what it looks like when it's all done!

Coach really rocked that short and boots look!

Peyton walking past Charlie Brown, with the sledding hill on the other side and the manger scene in the background.

Probably my favorite, the Island of Misfit Toys!

The painting I am working on for my house!

Friday, November 5, 2010

My 'er get it done plan!

Yes, I realize what I did there! First I have to say a huge thanks to everyone that commented yesterday. You all have no idea how much your words lifted me and (if your Kovas especially) made me laugh! It is just what I needed to hear to not all keep going, but also to remind myself exactly what I love about this bloggy world and all my digital friends. With the exception of my Mom, love you too Mom, I don't truly know any of you and only met you through this virtual world, yet you are the ones to offer me words of comfort. And not just empty words, but the right words. So thank you again!

Now onto my stellar plan! What I am finding most frustrating, is my lack of knowledge about my "injuries". I don't even know that they are injuries. My shoulder started hurting suddenly back in highschool, with no significant event to spur on the pain. After lots of doctors and a surgery, it was determined I had a bad shoulder and needed to rest it for 2 years for the pain to cease. Helpful. How do you stop using your shoulder for two years? It did cause me to cut back to 2 sports a year instead of 3, otherwise the pain was too overwhelming. Often my knees would also hurt, especially while bending in lifts and such, but same thing, no real problem could be found. When I started running this summer, my shoulders were the first thing to hurt, followed quickly by my hips, especially when I added in swimming. It was actually when taking a break to rest my hips that my knees started to hurt, and they have killed ever since. Depending on the day, one may hurt worse than the other and it can switch. If I totally rest (stay off my feet and ice all day) they will feel better, but as soon as I move again it comes back. So I haven't ran in two weeks and haven't biked in almost a week, trying to give them a bigger break. This is where the possibility for Lyme disease has come up. It affects the joints severely and worsens with time. It also causes fatigue, headaches, numbing in the hands and feet, and other symptoms I have been dealing with since highschool. I don't know that I have Lyme disease, I am just hoping so that I can finally figure out what is wrong with me.

With my lack of info I want to be careful, at least till I talk to the doc. I also know if I push things too far, my joints tend to just give out. So my plan is...
  • Stretching- At least 10-15 min a night. I can't do yoga, bc of the pressure it puts on my knees but I can do some of the stretches. I can at least come out of this one limber chick!
  • Hip Strengthening- Just in case my hip pain is unrelated, I want to strengthen that sucker up to prevent future injury. Runners world had a good exercise for strengthening the muscle. Do this every night.
  • Abs- 3 days a week. There a few ab moves that don't hurt anything else, so I will focus on these, and do them till they burn! I definitely need a stronger core.
  • Arms- 3 nights a week. I may be able to find a few moves where my shoulder stays stable. I will do these with light weights or a band.
  • Keep dreaming- I want to come up with my race schedule for late spring and summer. I hope that will help me stay focused on all the great things ahead, even if I am missing out on some things now!
Thanks again for your words and blogs. They keep me going, I promise my sarcasm and whit and love are here to stay! And if you have any suggestions, please feel free to pass them on!

Don't forget, I am spreading the love right now with the CamBand giveaway! Today is the last day to enter! You have until 9pm PST! Clickity HERE to enter away!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I am not the me I was a few months ago and it is killing me. It is not easy for any athlete to be injured, the sidelines is not where we like to play. I am finding it particularly frustrating because I feel like the running and biking was really helping me to get a handle on my depression. For the first time in years, the old me was able to surface and breath. All those endorphins helped to set her free. Now, she is feeling trapped again. Luckily, the Holidays are here and I am like a giddy kid. Nothing can distract me like Christmas. I have been shopping the last three days, and have already started decorating. There is plenty to keep my mind and hands busy with all the chocolate making, present wrapping, decorating, family visiting, but at night, though I am exhausted, I still feel incomplete. My computer sits in the corner untouched. No data to enter. No quippy posts to do. I feel like a fraud. How can I be a part of this world when I am contributing nothing. Not a real drop of sweat has been shed and my workouts consist of cornmazes and light hanging.

Of course here is a guy who should be
 sitting on the bench! Sorry, Favre lovers!
Who wants to be my friend now? Listening to someone talk about mystery injuries is only interesting never for so long. I mean I can only bribe you guys with giveaways for so long (which luckily I still have quite a few more!) but even money and gifts can't buy love right? I wish I had a plan. The only plan right now, don't do anything till I meet with the doc on Tuesday for fear of causing irreveresible damage to my joints which happens a lot with long term lyme patients. But I am tired of letting the rest of me deterioate like last weeks pumpkins. I am going to be old, and shrively and moldy in no time! What do I do? Dissapear into the night like a great dream, only a memory for now, maybe to return someday? Let Coach takeover, though he is notoriously bad about posting? I hate feeling like I can't be with you guys right now. So my new plan is to make a plan. I am going to set some goals that my current crap bod can handle. Then I will post them, and hopefully you all can help me stick to them. They will be small and seem like nothing I'm sure, but I have to do something! That way, when I finally get off the pine pony I will be that much more prepared. Let's just hope I don't have too many splinters!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

That Counts Right!

When you're injured, you may find yourself rationalizing the everyday tasks into workouts! It's hard to not be able to do what you really want, and it's even harder to admit to yourself that walking, is suddenly stressful to your body. That is how Coach and I got into a discussion about whether or not our Saturday night trip to the Corn Maze could be considered a true workout for a couple of gimps like us! You can decide for yourself!

The Facts
  • We did 3 Mazes total.
  • The first 2 Mazes (if done correctly) would total 4 miles.
  • We definitely did not do it correctly, I would say more like 5 miles (some awesome kids tore down the map at checkpoint 2 and Raya and I may have failed getting us to checkpoint 5 with the 10 sec look @ the map rule!)
  • At some points we tried to skip to vary the mood, throwing in some plyos
  • We climbed at least 3 bridges!
  • Screaming uses muscles right?
  • Eating Ice Cream also burns calories right?
  • Well, here is the photographic evidence of our night!
    About to enter the labyrinth of corn, and stupid teenagers!
    Our First Checkpoint!
    We got pretty good at the self portrait!
    Yay, we made it through the first maze!
    And here is Jesse about to exit the second one!
    Coach and I, before doing the Haunted one! (Not that spooky, but we did get one of the spookers to answer the following question correctly, "Which bear is best?" do you know?)
    Raya and Nathan (Jesse's brother)
    Mmm, Ice Cream!
    We're creepy!
     Of course, after our Ice Cream, we were feeling gutsy and made the mistake of saying "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!" Don't try it at home! Look what happened...
he is pretty dreamy in person though! It was a fun night, and despite my knee really hurting the next day, it was great to take my mind off the fact that I can't do anything! The Holidays are great for that!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Food Tag!

Colleen over at Irondiva tagged me to do a mostly food related questionnaire! In case you didn't feel like you knew me enough already, here is some more random crap to help you out! Thanks Colleen, you guys should really check her out, she's a total stud!

1.If you could eat anything without any health repercussions or guilt, what would your meal be? Nothing extravagant here, I would eat PIZZA. I could probably eat pizza everyday. The bread, the cheesy goodness, and that garlic aftertaste, sexy!

2. If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be and why? I had a really hard time deciding on this one. Like Colleen said, I would love to meet a lot of my blogger friends. Can you say huge carb load party sleepover! But otherwise I have been very fortunate to get to meet most of my relatives so I'll go with someone ridiculous. And the winner is Jessica Simpson. I have to know if she is that dumb in real life.
3. Why did you start blogging and what did you expect when you started? Coach and I decided to start this blog on our way home from Chelanman in July of this year. I had just started getting into running and was excited to try a triathlon and he wanted to push his dreams of one day doing an Ironman. Since my running had started to take over our family blog, and I was always talking about Tall Mom, we decided to start our own blog to document our journey and hold us accountable. Plus, as a track coach, Jesse had lot's he wanted to share and discuss with others and I wanted a way to connect with others like me.
4. What is the one book you could read over and over again? I wish I was a bigger reader, I use to be when I was younger, but now I just feel like I can't get enough solid time to read in. I probably could if I wanted to, but priorities (IE Biggest Loser and Community), whatcha gonna do? The one book I can read over and over again though, and laugh if you want, is Cabin in the Big Woods. When I read it as a girl I always wished to live in that time period and make homemade pig bladder balls. Plus it always seems so Christmasy!
5. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? I haven't had the opportunity to travel many places so my list is pretty long, but if I had to pick one, it would probably be Hawaii! It seems this is the one place everyone else in my husband's family has been at least once and I would love to be able to discuss it with them. Plus to be able to see those breathtaking scenes in real life would be awesome!
6. If you could have a TV show on the Food Network, what would it be? Cooking for people who are too dumb to use a knife, cause that's me! Or a baking show, because I actually like to bake. That doesn't help with the waistline.
7. What was the best meal you ever had? Anything from Tomato Street in Spokane! Just the garlic bread alone is reason enough to go. Plus it is always with family, so it is a big deal and we draw on the table together like kids. I love it!
8. Who has been the greatest influence on your love for food and learning to cook? I have always been picky, and I grew up in a house where we ate the same foods over and over. It was good, but very routine. I still don't have a passion for cooking, and only truly do it once or twice a week, but I'm gonna say Rachel Ray showed me I could make food fast. Watching her show inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and start buying cook books and trying new things!

So now I am supposed to pick 5 people to do this as well. And my choices are...

Stacie from Impossible is Nothing

Diana from Diana Tries a Tri

Megan from The Daily Sweat

P from Adventures of an Average Athlete

Amanda from 5 Miles to Empty

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

CamBands Giveaway!

Headbands are everywhere right now, let's just a certain celebrity would say "That's Hot!" I am in love with the trend and am so excited to be doing a giveaway for the awesome CamBands! It all started when a busy mother of two needed a way to tame her daughter Camryn's unruly hair. Nothing else would stay put, so she decided to solve her own problem and poof CamBands (Cam like Camryn her daughter) were born. Soon friends and family were begging for some and now her hobby has become a shop on etsy!

I was lucky enough to get to sample one of these bands and I chose one of the thick styles and went for something bold! A hot pink with polka dots. As soon as it arrived I noticed the quality looked great and then it was testing time. Since I didn't have a run that day, I decided to just wear it around because it was so darned cute.

It never moved once. I didn't even get those annoying headaches I've gotten from some of the other bands when I try to wear them all day. Plus, I got lots of compliments on how cute it looked. Then I put it to the running test.

Again, it took my outfit to the next level and I felt adorable. But more important than that (maybe) was it did it's job. There was no annoying hair hitting my face and it stayed perfectly in place. This is really important for me, because I have bangs I need an option to keep those suckers tamed on runs and even on lazy days when I don't have time to style! But maybe my favorite thing about CamBands, and what really separates them from the pack is the price. Just $6! That is incredible. For a girl on a budget like me, this is totally doable, where the more expensive ones just aren't! Think of the possibilities. Customized ones for special races, one for every outfit, hello stocking stuffers! At that price it is so easy to just stock up!

And, what's that, I have even more good news for you! Two CamBands to give away to 2 lucky followers! That's right. She was gracious enough to offer up 2 more of her great creations for two of you, and here is what you are playing for...
cute huh? One thick multi colored to match anything, and a thin black one to also match anything. (I was trying to play it safe!)

Now how to win. As usual please leave 1 comment per entry PLEASE. This contest will run through Friday Nov. 5th until 9pm PST! I will announce the winner on Sat!

Mandatory- (You Must Do)

~Be or Become a Follower!
~Visit CamBands on Etsy HERE and tell me what you love or what you'd like to see!


~Add us to your blogroll
~Make a purchase from CamBands (worth 5 entries)
~Tweet, fb, or blog about the giveaway (1 comment for each)

Ok get to entering and spreading the word! Thanks Again CamBands for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!

{If you would like your product or company featured on our blog, please feel free to contact us at tressaabe11 [at] hotmail [dot] com}

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let the Rain Fall Down...

Oh wait, is that a Hilary Duff song? Now I'm embarrassed, it just sounded like such a catchy title! Wow, those record execs really know what they're doing. Well moving past my former Disney days, I had every intention of running last night with Erica, but as the weather looked like this...

we opted to switch the nights around and try to fit in a run tonight. I am all for running in the rain, but when there is a monsoon outside, and people are kayaking up the street, it just seems silly. The thought of running with an umbrella crossed my mind but that just seemed unprofessional (so now I'm a professional?) and without the cute boots I would look nothing like the Morton Salt girl. Therefore I found myself inside, spinning away to the ridiculousness that is the Apprentice.

{Ok, side note. Does anyone else watch the Apprentice? We are so ready for David to go home and cannot believe he has made it this far. Plus isn't Clint and his outright bluntness the best? I can't wait till he tells Mahsa to shut up next week! Ok, side note over.}

Since my knees are still achy I did some Big Daddy workouts (why did that sound dirty?) I tried to go faster on my low gears and then work on one leg at a time. The one leg at a time was really hard, so I know I need lots more work on that. The only problem is I have trouble reaching my other leg to rest on the back of the trainer, so I kind of spazz out with what to do with it. I think we really need to hook up our computer so we can at least get a MPH readout, I think that will help keep me more motivated, that or tying a donut to a string like I am a dog or something. I tried to keep going until my knees got to the point where I felt like I had to stretch them out. My next appt. with the doc for Lyme disease testing is Nov 9, so hopefully I can get the right test this time and then a month after that I should know whether or not all my joint problems are Lyme related! I sure hope they are, otherwise I am stumped :( 

In completely unrelated news we got the Versatile Blogger Award from Megan over at the Daily Sweat! The rules

1. You must thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog.
2. You must share 7 things about yourself.
3. Finally, you must pass this award along to other bloggers.

Since Coach is asleep on the couch, I will try to come up with 7 things about us a couple this time, since we have already posted about ourselves individually!

1. We first met when we were 14, got close to going out, but didn't officially get together until we were 19.

2. I am actually older than Coach, by 5 months.

3. Our courtship only lasted a total of 8 months. We started dating at the end of August and were married by that March.

4. He is better at math, but I am better at English. He actually got kind of upset when we got the same score on an online IQ test!

5. Since being married we have moved 7 times.

6. My humor is sarcastic and his is cheesy. Together, we are quite a pair. It is hard to tell if we are ever being serious!

7. We have been married 5 wonderful years, though it doesn't feel that long, or maybe it does. Sometimes it is still hard to believe I get to be married to be him!

So thanks to Megan for picking us! I love being Versatile! And now to the next victims. I am trying to pick two ladies who are new to the running/blog world in hopes we can all get to know them better...

1. Jess at Blonde Ponytail. She is new to blogging but she rocked the Portland Marathon and I loved getting to meet her.

2. Kim at (Just) Trying is For Little Girls. She has been lurking around the blogoshpere for a while but she finally decided to start her own, and this would be a great way to get to know her better!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun Day Monday!

Sorry we have been so MIA, I know you have missed us dearly! But I was in full party planning mode and on Sunday I was in full recovery mode! So instead of the usual motivation Monday, I thought I would do a Fun Day Monday so you can see what we were up to this weekend, and sorry there was no exercising unless you count eating junk food and then popping balloons as a good workout!

Saturday was the culmination of one of my favorite hobbies, party planning. All week was spent baking and putting the final touches on the house. I think I have gotten fairly good at that part. My hostessing skills, however, could still use some work. But despite that, the party was fun. Young and old seemed to have fun and I am almost done cleaning up! This event is best told in pics...

Jason (the student), Stacie (the hot teacher), and their girls

Sister Erica (b-ball player) and Brady (the Flash)

A Superhero Family! The Flash (Brady) Batman (Jesse), Captain America (Peyton), and Batgirl (Me)

Ok, you have to watch friends to get this one! (My brother in law Spencer)

Stacie, Me, and Heidi (Pirate Wench)

Cutest picture of Brady ever (what a goof!)

I think Batman is trying to dance or he has to go potty! And, yes, he did talk like Abed talking like Batman!

Melia (as I don't know) with baby frog Ellie

Supergirl and Tinkerbell (nieces)

Then on Sunday, Jesse left a very tired me and a very messy house to take in a Seahawks game with a few of his brothers and a cousin. Even though their seats weren't the best, the view was still great and they had a good time. And bonus, the Seahawks actually won! He even took some pictures to share with you!

Jesse and the field

Jesse and Nathan and the field

Just the field

Nathan, Casey, and Jacob!
Hope you all had a great weekend! Any one do anything fun? Erica and I are supposed to be going out for a run tonight, gotta see if my knee can handle racing this weekend!