Friday, October 29, 2010

Food Tag!

Colleen over at Irondiva tagged me to do a mostly food related questionnaire! In case you didn't feel like you knew me enough already, here is some more random crap to help you out! Thanks Colleen, you guys should really check her out, she's a total stud!

1.If you could eat anything without any health repercussions or guilt, what would your meal be? Nothing extravagant here, I would eat PIZZA. I could probably eat pizza everyday. The bread, the cheesy goodness, and that garlic aftertaste, sexy!

2. If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be and why? I had a really hard time deciding on this one. Like Colleen said, I would love to meet a lot of my blogger friends. Can you say huge carb load party sleepover! But otherwise I have been very fortunate to get to meet most of my relatives so I'll go with someone ridiculous. And the winner is Jessica Simpson. I have to know if she is that dumb in real life.
3. Why did you start blogging and what did you expect when you started? Coach and I decided to start this blog on our way home from Chelanman in July of this year. I had just started getting into running and was excited to try a triathlon and he wanted to push his dreams of one day doing an Ironman. Since my running had started to take over our family blog, and I was always talking about Tall Mom, we decided to start our own blog to document our journey and hold us accountable. Plus, as a track coach, Jesse had lot's he wanted to share and discuss with others and I wanted a way to connect with others like me.
4. What is the one book you could read over and over again? I wish I was a bigger reader, I use to be when I was younger, but now I just feel like I can't get enough solid time to read in. I probably could if I wanted to, but priorities (IE Biggest Loser and Community), whatcha gonna do? The one book I can read over and over again though, and laugh if you want, is Cabin in the Big Woods. When I read it as a girl I always wished to live in that time period and make homemade pig bladder balls. Plus it always seems so Christmasy!
5. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? I haven't had the opportunity to travel many places so my list is pretty long, but if I had to pick one, it would probably be Hawaii! It seems this is the one place everyone else in my husband's family has been at least once and I would love to be able to discuss it with them. Plus to be able to see those breathtaking scenes in real life would be awesome!
6. If you could have a TV show on the Food Network, what would it be? Cooking for people who are too dumb to use a knife, cause that's me! Or a baking show, because I actually like to bake. That doesn't help with the waistline.
7. What was the best meal you ever had? Anything from Tomato Street in Spokane! Just the garlic bread alone is reason enough to go. Plus it is always with family, so it is a big deal and we draw on the table together like kids. I love it!
8. Who has been the greatest influence on your love for food and learning to cook? I have always been picky, and I grew up in a house where we ate the same foods over and over. It was good, but very routine. I still don't have a passion for cooking, and only truly do it once or twice a week, but I'm gonna say Rachel Ray showed me I could make food fast. Watching her show inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and start buying cook books and trying new things!

So now I am supposed to pick 5 people to do this as well. And my choices are...

Stacie from Impossible is Nothing

Diana from Diana Tries a Tri

Megan from The Daily Sweat

P from Adventures of an Average Athlete

Amanda from 5 Miles to Empty

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Colleen said...

Yay! I love that you filled this out! It was a fun way to get to know you!

I've been to Hawaii and it's amazing! :) Hope you guys get there someday soon!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Pizza!!! Someone say there is pizza!!!!! I want pizza

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

"Community" is definitely a big priority! Glad you've got your priorities straight! Just blogged about doing the Maui Half, maybe you and Coach need to plan to do it next year.

Aimee said...

Nice answers!! I got tagged too and still need to write mine! :)

Cynthia O'H said...

Pizza - yum! I could live off pizza - if I weren't lactose intolerant.

I may have to pick up a Rachel Ray book. I like to cook but time and clean-up are not on my side. Thanks for the idea.

Tortuga_Runner said...

I love this little questionaire things! Great getting to know you!

Anonymous said...

Jessica Simpson?!? Really? Out of anyone? As for the pizza I think I have to agree. I love anything bread.

P said...

Thanks for the tag! I thought I had already commented when I read this the other day, but I must have just been dreaming that... :P I'm working on mine now.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Stacie tagged me for this!! Fun post to read! I like your food network idea!! ha!