Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Diary of a Wimpy Trainer!

This week's training schedule for me, Adorable Wife, may look a little wimpy compared to last weeks (which I wasn't able to fully complete) because I am still nursing my dang hip/butt/sciatic/whatever the other body parts are called but I am too lazy to look them up. That means no plyos or fartleks this week according to Coach.

Monday- (10 min) Yoga and Abs, 3+ Miles (Checkeroo)
Tuesday-  Yoga and Total Body, Lunges, Bike
Wednesday- Yoga and Abs, 3+ Miles
Thursday- Yoga and Total Body, Lunges, Bike
Friday- Yoga and Abs, Bike and Mile run (may be a brick)
Saturday- Lunges, Brick (Bike at least 12 miles, Run at least 2 miles)

Monday's run was with Erica, who I again dragged out, but maybe I shouldn't of this time as her tummy was hurting. I just was A. scared to run in the dark by myself (boogey men are everywhere) B. wanted to keep my pace slow and walk some so I knew she would help me with that, and C. did I mention the mean streets of Chehalis? Well actually we did end up running into a cop bust on an apartment and had to run around 4 policeman sneaking up on the place COPS style. We ran a little wide and way faster to make sure we didn't fall victim to any stray gun fire! She did really well considering her tummy. We made it about 2 miles before walking, but then we both froze up and couldn't run again. I am really hoping I am good to go for the tri in LESS than two weeks, I hate feeling like this...

I really love Teen Girl Squad!
I spent most of highschool injured and my body just tends to be weak. I need to really focus on getting all my joints stronger and having better overall health. Any suggestions? Unless its drinking alien urine I am pretty open! Any way...Peyton finally caught the sick bug from his cousins and has been pulling an Exorcist all over the house and Coach is taking a sick day too (guess that means I have two babies to take care of :D)

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Motivation Monday

As the weather begins turning (for us lucky ones) and schools go back into session our lives usually return to a more scheduled, "normal" pace. For some that means there is actually more time in the day, for others less. And yet some of us find our lives hardly effected at all besides the warm thoughts of sugar cookies and Santa Claus. However, we are all probably struggling with the same thing, how and when to fit in our workouts. It seems to be a big issue out there in bloggy land lately. I suffer from it to, yet I feel my excuses are super pitiful compared to all others. The truth; if I WANTED to, I could fit everything in. Training is just not my top priority, YET! I saw this Nike ad on Adam's blog the other day, and it was so awesome and so life changing (maybe an exaggeration) that I just had to post it too!

They are running, and they will kill me whence we meet. We may all run for different reasons, but whatever our goals- lose weight, stay in shape, pr, win races-we won't accomplish them by justifying why we aren't hitting the pavement. Because Nike is unarguably the best at motivational ads, I have another diddy from them. This one is about being your best!

If you want your better to be your best, than you have to put in the time. There are no miracle shortcuts in our world but that is what makes the payoff so sweet. We earn everything we get with a payment of sweaty shirts, bloody socks, ice baths, and shoes that beg for retirement. So, find the time and better your better!

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekly Exercise #5- Fun with Plyos Series

This week, I have decided to bust out the big guns... No more stretching, no more simple ab exercises, this is the week we start really kicking it into gear. Since my whole athletic career has been centered around explosiveness and quickness, I have much more expertise in the areas of becoming quicker and more explosive rather than being able to run for days.

You may want to ask "Why coach, as a long distance runner, would I want to be concerned with quickness and explosiveness. I am an endurance machine"! I would answer by saying there are several reasons why a distance runner would want to increase their quickness and explosiveness.

1.) Boy This is Steep- Hills are the bain of existence for any distance runner. Hills require much more strength in the quads than normal running. This is because the knee lift must be much higher going up hills. Increasing your explosive muscle strength allows your muscles to recover faster and repeat the higher knee lift motion more easily.

2.) Is That Bernard Legat?- Every distance runner is primarily concerned with endurance, as well they should be. However, speed is an important factor in any distance runner, especially if you are interested in going faster... and who isn't? Elite distance runners also are very fast individuals. They just happen to have that unique combination of elite speed and a crazy love for running many, many, many miles. Increasing baseline speed will increase your ability to maintain an increased speed throughout your race.

3.) Kick Baby, Kick- Whether it is needing an extra few seconds to beat a PR, passing that one extra person, or just looking impressive for the crowd, everybody wants to have a good kick. That last little burst at the end of a race is all about using that extra bit of explosiveness and power. And what better way to make that kick all the more impressive than to increase quickness and explosiveness?

There are many other reasons every distance runner should add plyometrics into their regular training routine, but I figured I would stop boring you with the reasons to do it, and just get to the meat and potatoes of it (or potatoes and potatoes for our vegetarian friends).

This week we will start off with a very basic move that will be the foundation of our plyometric workout. We will kick off the plyo series with Squat Jumps. Squat Jumps target the biggest muscles in your legs. This will work your butt, quads, and to a lesser extent, your hamstrings. Oh boy, I can hardly contain my excitement... Can you feel it?

Start off with your feet slightly wider than shoulder length apart, perform a parallel (or as close to parallel as you can get) squat and jump out of this squat as high as you can. Land on the ground and repeat. Pretty simple eh? Try to keep your back straight, don't want anybody hurting their backs. Definitely use your arms and everything else you have to get the maximum amount of height out of your jump.

The first week you do this exercise, do 2 sets of 20, 3 days a week. The next week, you will increase by 5 each set. The idea is you are going to increase by 10 total reps per week. So when you get to week 3, you should cut it back to 3 sets of 20.

Just make sure you don't hit your head on the ceiling!
Keep up this for a couple months and pretty soon you will have power to spare and will find yourself getting HUGE PR's.

As always, let me know if you already use Squat Jumps to make your running epic. Also, tell me what you've done to modify this workout. Squat Jumps alone does not a plyo workout make, but I promise, there are many more goodies to go.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Carrie Bradshaw's got nothing on these guys!

She may prefer a store full of Manolos and other designer sky scrapers that will inevitably lead to a broken ankle and embarrassing public stumble, and at one time I may have too (ok I still like those stores a little :]), but I walk into a store full of these...

and now I swoon. And well Coach has been drooling for days at the thought of going, because, really stilettos have never highlighted his butt the way he likes. So, yes, this means we finally worked out our schedules to make the 1.5 hour trip to the Portland Running Company to buy NEW SHOES! We got baby sitters, Coach got off work early, and we got our official consultant Stacie along for the ride. The whole ride was filled with training talk, mostly Stacie and nervously discussing the tri and how we didn't want to make fools of ourselves. But we talked about you guys too. Don't you just wish you knew what we said? It was only 50% trash talk! Actually she was really curious about who was all doing the Portland Marathon because we will all be there and she wants to organize some BLOGGY MEET UPS! WOOT WOOT! 

Anyhoo, back to the magical world of a store filled with everything a runner could want. We got there and posed for pics (of course, this was a momentous occasion) and then entered the sacred grounds. I was a bit overwhelmed and got really excited just to see Gu in person ( I know super dork, party of 1) but I didn't have long to take it in, because it wasn't long before they had us running outside to analyze us. Even though I knew this was coming, it still made me nervous. I don't enjoy having people watch me run and I am pretty sure I look a mess when I do and I knew he was watching me CLOSELY. After we went back in and tried on a few pairs and then ran some more he told us the diagnosis. I run a bit flatfooted and my ankle's wobble slightly. Coach is actually fairly neutral with a tendency to land on the outside of his foot (we know!) So out came the parade of shoes. We each tried on pair after pair, and this is the first time I didn't even glance at a price tag while shopping for anything! Meanwhile Stacie was finding the love of her life...

green trail shoes she had seen in a magazine. Even though they were on sale, she just couldn't pull the trigger. By our sixth or seventh pair we had each found our match. Stacie couldn't have been more jealous of the pair I got, because if she could wear any shoes, they would be mine! Good thing we aren't the same size or I fear my shoes would go missing in the night. We continued to browse and grabbed some other goodies like Gu and Clif blok shots to try before checking out and finding out the damage done. To our great surprise it was only a little over  $200, yipee! I guess that left enough money for dinner.

But don't worry while waiting for our food we got in a few good lunges (Happy Amanda, lunges at Applebees!)

What am I doing with my face?

And to top off the night we met Lex Luthor from Smallville and Stacie got her picture taken with him...

Small disclaimer (not really him, but he has been mistaken for him before!)

But the best part of all is we got to come home with these...

Jesse got the Nike Zoom Vomero+ 4 and I got the Saucony Progrid Guide 3. It is my first real pair of running shoes (and yes I have learned how to say their name) and it is like floating on air. Ok, maybe not. I can't give a true review yet because of my hip but I am excited to take them out for a real test run. And Coach what did you think of your shoe buying experience?

"Even though I have been running for many years, and most of them being in Track, I have never gotten a shoe that felt like it was fitted just for me. These shoes are awesome, and I got socks to go with it so hopefully I will be able to say "bye, bye" to blisters and injured feet. The guy helping me seemed like he knew his stuff and he just kept bring out shoe after shoe for me to try on. I was trying to be as picky as possible and if anything at all felt out of order, I would just say so and he seemed to have the solution the next time he came out from the mysterious back of the store. All in all I was happy with my first custom shoe purchase experience and am really excited to try them out on a run... I am wearing them right now if you couldn't tell".

So, moral of the story? Look for us to be lapping you all soon in our super cool new shoes! Once of course we are uninjured :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

100 Day Challenge!

I, Adorable Wife, have joined another challenge. They are just floating out there like crazy! This one is the 100 Day Challenge brought to us by the slave driving mind of Courtney @ Run, Courtney, Run. It is running from Sept 23rd to Dec 1st, and I just barely slipped in, it was a close one! Basically, it is all about setting goals for yourself and then reporting back on them. We can all encourage each other and then yell at one another when we slack. Well, yay, I like to yell so this sounds great! Here are my goals...

  • finish first tri in under 1:45
  • tighten core and strengthen arms with 10 min trainer
  • lose 10 lbs
  • spend 15-20 min a day with son doing nothing therapy related, just fun! 
  • Get 5k under 30 min (maybe even 27)

So I guess, well I suppose, I probably should post my starting weight so I can report and actually know if I am losing any, so let me go weigh myself real quick (don't worry you won't even know I'm gone.) Ok, drumroll...and the magic number is 136! We'll see if I have the ten pounds to lose (I'm 5'6) but I need to at least be tightening up. I did do my ab workout today, so that goal is going well so far! Only 2 and half weeks to the tri and my nerves are taking over. I am limping around today because of my butt (sciatic) and hip so I really hope with ice and advil I can run again soon! We played games with Peyton last night, his choice was Candy Land shapes, and we will see what he wants to do tonight but he scraped his knees pretty bad leaving therapy today (again) and isn't in a good mood so I don't know if he'll be up for much.  But hopefully with all this I can end up looking more like this...

And less like this...

I'm glad to have something else out there to push me and get my butt into gear. And you all need to get your butts into gear and enter our first giveaway if you haven't already. It's super simple, I mean who doesn't like free money! Just click here and make me happy! Thank you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Splish, Splash I was Taking a Bath...with a Cherry on Top!

Tonight was gonna be the night. It was going to be EPIC. I, Adorable Wife, was going to run 3.1 miles without stopping. Well, that was the plan.

By 8 o'clock my shoes were laced and my hat was in place. I even had Coach and oldest Future Track Star to keep me company for my warm up walk down the road. Coach and I talked and smiled as Peyton ran ahead and then back to us, in the most goofy fashion possible, just enjoying some alone time with his parents. As I met up with the main road, we parted ways, I cranked my tunes, and set off. Almost immediately I told myself to slow down. If I was going to make sure and complete it, I didn't want to burn out too soon. By the first mile I was feeling great. The temp was perfect, Britney was doing her thing, and I was singing along just focusing on my stride.

Then at a mile 1.5 came the figurative speed bump. My hip started hurting. I've had this pain before and it never gets better, but I decided to keep pushing because this was MY night. Not even a quarter of a mile later the sciatic nerve pain followed. All still on my left side at this point, so I did what any normal person does, I hobble ran. Being new to the running game, i am not always certain of what pains to stop for and which to push through, and I was not in a quiting mood so I just kept going. Right after mile 2, though, I was having to hold my hip to keep myself from crying so I knew I would have to walk soon. The house was still over a mile away and no matter what speed I tried the pain was there. Drats! I was feeling it too. After a short walk break, I foolishly pushed another .5 mile before my body would do no more. My right side was hurting now too and I just wanted to be home. I old man shuffled/stumbled through the front door and fell into a heap and started crying. Coach came over right away and started working on me but I was too inflamed to do much. That led to this...

my very first. Luckily it was a very wussy version, just my butt and hips were in, not all of my legs or anything. So, now I have been frozen, and poked and prodded and am waiting to see what I feel like in the morning. The pain is still there now, but hopefully with some sleep and a little more work it will be adios because my tri is right around the corner and my workout schedule is busy! I love the way Rae always posts her schedule so I thought I would too, now lets just hope I can do it.

Tuesday- Lunges, 3+ mile run (Check)
Wednesday- (10 min trainer) Yoga + Abs, Fartleks, Bike
Thursday- (10 min) Yoga + Total Body, Plyos, Lunges, 3+ miles
Friday- (10 min) Yoga + Abs, 1.2 fast mile, Fartleks
Saturday- Brick=Bike + Run, Lunges
Sunday- Rest

Oddly, I am kind of proud of this run because even though I did have to walk, it is still the furthest I have ran without stopping, and it is the best the rest of my body has ever felt on a run, so YAY for that!

Oh and now for the Cherry on Top! I would like to report some award winning news. Stacie at Impossible is Nothing has awarded Coach and I the Cherry on Top Award


#1 Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

#2 The second thing you have to do is, pick 6 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have gotten this award.

#3 The third and final thing is, thank the person who gave you the award.


#1 You are probably getting tired of people not answering this one, so while both Coach and I wouldn't change anything major in our lives because we are also happy with the way they have turned out we have each thought of something we might undo. For me, I would skip the stretchy, stirrup pant with a side twist shirt trend. Die early 90's, die! For Coach, it would have been to never have cut his long, luscious, wavy locks. He swears it made the girls swoon. I remember thinking he had really let himself go!

#2 This is where it gets hard.

*Rae @ 5k Rae since she is unknowingly letting me steal the schedule idea!

*Diana @ Diana Tries-a-Tri! A. because she was at Chelan Man and I saw her and then later found her blog and B. her blog is a crack up and C. she likes to post ridiculous sweaty pics of herself!

*Megan @ The Daily Sweat who is a friend of Diana's (they are both from Bellingham) and hey she likes to sweat daily.

*Tobi @ Busy Running Mama because she is one of the first blogs I started reading and she was one of my first followers!

*Laura B @ My Reason to Run I feel like we have a lot in common with our kid situations and she has been great to talk to about it.

*Julie @ The Finish Line Diaries   Again she is from my neck of the woods and it would be great to meet her someday. Also, in all honesty, her blog was the most recently updated when I went looking for my last name, but I still love you Julie!

#3 So Thank YOU Stacie for having to make me awkwardly select six people to pass this on to. But really, I love you and am glad to have been there for you and glad to get to do it WITH you now!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

I'll Call it...Tressa Breast-Style!

Too bold! Oh, wait...what do you think I'm talking about? I'm referring to the new swim style I invented, you all need to cool your dirty minds!

Whilst on vacation at the lake, Coach and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get in some swimming since he had done very little and I had done zippo.  He was very good about swimming every day, trying to get in at least 700 meters. Jesse was brave, got out there first thing (8:30) in the morning and swam about 900 meters (a super guesstimate) on the first day, but I needed to wait until the sun was more awake and Coach could give me some advice. I won't pretend I wasn't nervous, mostly about wearing the goofy getup...

Probably THE most embarrassing pic I have ever posted!
but also about the actual swimming. The water and I have been friends since childhood and I can tread water for days, but no actual lap swimming is in my repertoire. Even everything I learned at swim lessons has long ago left my brain. My biggest problem is my bad shoulder. Basically, I have bad rotator cuffs, nothing can be done to fix them except not using them. Since that isn't an option I try to keep movements that really put my arm in pain and then cause it to go dead to a minimum. The freestyle stroke would be one such activity. Of course, this is the fastest stroke! What am I gonna do, put on water wings and hope for the best? Well, it seems some people don't recommend that, so I got in the water and just started trying things out. Normally when swimming I use the breaststroke, so I gave this a go first. It worked ok, but when I tried to go really hard, my arms got super tired because they are such weak little chicken wings. Then I did give freestyle a try, but I just couldn't do it smoothly and I need a stroke where I use my legs more than my arms. Another big fail on my part is I HATE putting my face in the water because I am claustrophobic.

But, just as I was getting super discouraged that I wouldn't be able to swim without actually having to doggy paddle, the heavens parted and I was struck with divine inspiration. Why not use the freestyle crawl stroke focusing more on my left side, but combine it with the breaststroke frog leg kick so I don't have to use my arms as much? Brilliant! I tried it out for a 100 meters or so and it felt pretty good, still kept my head out of the water, but I was surprised how naturally it was flowing. Man was I gonna look a fool at the race, but my options were becoming limited. Jesse tried it, but couldn't hack it. WARNING, this stroke is not for everyone, only the tough can survive it. On the third day, I really decided to test it out and swam for 300 meters straight (pretty huge for me since I haven't swam that distance, ever) and only had to breast stroke for a little bit in the middle.  My little Nemo lucky fin did start to really hurt so after a 100-150 meters I couldn't really pull that shoulder out of the water anymore but I tried to still pull with it under the water.

I know that is coach swimming not me, but there were no pics of me and he just looks so good swimming, and he did way more of it than me!
Who knows if I will get anymore swim time, but I probably (definitely) need it. If not, I do feel comfortable enough now to know I won't drown, I will be kicking a lot of people, but I won't drown. As long as I don't get to scared by the grindylows I should be ok, I just hate not knowing what is beneath me in the water!

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I'm drooling!
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Coach is drooling!

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Our muscles are drooling, and maybe crying a bit!
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Leave a separate comment for each entry and we will be using the lovely random.org to select our winner. Wow, looking at our entry options, it seems like we really want more friends...I just wanna be liked! Good luck to one of you! he he he, and thanks to CSN! Keep training, you need to feel like you have EARNED this prize!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

How to be Good on Vacation!

Track Coach, Adorable Wife, and the Little Track Stars have all returned safely from our short jaunt across the state and although we are all super duper happy to be home (especially Track Coach since the Seahawks game is on) we had an awesome time over at Tum Tum with my, Adorable Wife's, family.  I know vacation time can be hard for those of us in training, I can't even imagine what it would be like for those of you training for really big events, so I have compiled some helpful hints and tips that we learned during our vacation to help you all stay safe, healthy, and on track.

  • First, try not to partake in any activities that may get you injured, especially if you are close to a race like we are (2 & 3 weeks)
Laser Tag! What running around in the dark isn't safe? Well then I blame Nate and Erica (Sister and husband)
There was a boat and a tube, we had no choice!

  • Use your surroundings to your advantage. Cross train with what you have!
Coach trying to prove he still had that state medaling pole vaulter in him.

This can also go under the don't do anything that will HURT you category! Big FAIL!
Baby weight lifting, very good for the butt actually!

• It may be hard, but stick to a healthy eating plan. A moment on the lips, forever on the hips! 

It was Coach's 25th Birthday!

With all the good food in Spokane we are probably lucky we didn't eat even worse. There is just no need/time to cook there. Our tummy's were happy (she says with a sheepish grin!)

• This may be a time to relax and unwind, but don't get too lazy! All sleep and no sweat makes Jack an out of shape boy!

Sleeping on an air mattress in the living room with your brother and sister in law, who's kids, by the way, wake up at 7 when you go to bed after midnight would make you tired too!

And most importantly, don't take advice from strangers, we lie!

But really, later this week I will do a post on our true training...swimming! It involves me in a sweet swim cap and goggles and the invention of a new stroke (all the cool kids probably won't be doing it.) But for now I have been in the car for 7+ hrs and I want to online shop for some Tri shorts. Oh and big news, I smell a giveaway coming. Our very first! Tune into Motivation Monday for all the deets! Hope you missed us terribly and you had a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thank you, running, and biking, too!

Both Track Coach and I would like to say a huge thanks for all the love and support we received after posting about Peyton. It was a hard decision to make, but I am so glad that I did. Now, I feel like this tight rope that has been wrapped around me is gone. I feel liberated yet newly connected at the same time.  Know, that it is great for us to feel like we have support from friends old and new, and being able to share this with you has only brought us closer. I probably will be calling on those of you in similar situations or with experience, so I hope you meant what you said! This is just one more bond that can tie us all together in addition to your passion, my dread growing passion of running, biking, etc.

Ok, now taking a step away from the real, lets get to the hard core, gut wrenching, sweat inducing training that has been taking place in my house. Poor Track Coach is still grounded from running, so its to the biking corner for him. This morning he biked to Napavine and back which is about 15 miles with a 18mph pace. We are working on getting a trip to Portland together so we can get him and I new shoes, hopefully next week (you paying attention to this Stacie!)  Last night we did a great family bike ride. Every night I look forward to biking, and I wish I could do it instead of running :( So after loading the boys up, we took off with no distance or goal in mind and decided to just explore! It ended up being almost 11 miles with half on a back road and half through the city. We kept a 13mph pace including stoplights, not bad for my second real ride.  Definitely need to still improve before my tri, but I'll get there.

Tonight, I knew I needed to run, so I DRAGGED my neighbor and sister Erica out with me for a long (for us) 3 mile run. Since she did not want to go, and I had not run in over a week, I was fine running at her pace. But it really paid off for her. She ran awesome! Although it was tough, she ran further and longer then she ever has. I love that now I am able to help others push and reach their goals. It makes you feel all warm and tingly inside when you see the pride oozing out of someones eyes when they have done so much more than they thought they could. By the end we had gone 3.12 miles in who knows how much time because I forgot the watch (yay, smart me) but we were both feeling great.

So now I am off to start packing, again, because I am going out of town, again! This time we are headed to Tum Tum (not as in the 3 Ninjas). It is a small lakeside town 30 minutes outside of Spokane on Long Lake. It should be some great training time for Coach and I because we both need to swim, BAD! I always love going out there and staying at my grandparents lakeside home. We get to visit family, swim, and eat at some superb restaurants! Don't worry, I don't want you to all have with drawls so we will be keeping in touch as much as possible!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Where the Men are Men and the Women race lawnmowers! (Loggers Jubilee 10k and Fun Run Report)

My apologies to you all for the delay in this race report. We have been lost in a land of loggers, mills, and too many romeos to count. But now that we are back home and I still haven't unpacked, I do have the time to give the exciting account of race day.

Since I, Adorable Wife, did the 2 mile FUN run, that means the whole story is much funner, (I know, I know) so I thought I would go first. Due to the fact that we would be walking most of the two miles with the slowest of the sisters-in-law, I knew this wasn't going to be a serious or hard endeavour, but it would 2 more miles on the board and a great bonding experience. I tend to be very shy and it has taken me over 5 years to become semi comfortable around Coach's huge family. So, what makes a race more fun than looking super cute? Raya and I picked out super cute hats at Nike and then stayed up way too late and made these awesome shirts on Friday and even painted our toenails to match.
Probably don't NEED to see Raya and my feet that big, but oh well, deal with it.

Yep, stole this saying from a website. Gotta love puff paints!
I had never felt more fashionably prepared, but with less than 4 hours of sleep and sucky nutrition I definitely was not actually prepared for a race so it was probably a good thing I didn't have to go all, or any, out. After arriving at the race site and checking out our competition (appeared to be about 6 others doing the fun run) we checked in and stretched took a ton of photos until the start of the race.

The Fun Run Racers-Angel, Tressa (aka Me, Adorable Wife), Raya

If you can't tell, we are obviously do some warm up running!
Don't we look so cute? I just love our outfits down to the ribbon and all!

I found Stacie before the race too and we also had to do a photo op! Of course, she was running the real race!
The Funner (so needs to be a word) Runners getting started.
And me mugging for the camera
Everyone else took right off, and Angel, Raya, and I jogged casually down the road. We made sure Angel kept jogging at least until we passed her husband for the photo op and then we let her walk. After getting berated by the cops for being slow (thanks guys!) we continued on our walk/ jog pace. Raya was very good about pushing Angel. Making her set goals, no matter how small, saying she would run from point A to B. Angel did an awesome job, pushing herself harder then I think she knew she could, although I am pretty sure she hated us, Raya especially for making her run. I mean that was not FUN! We laughed and danced along the course and cheered along the 10k leaders and soon the finish line was in our sites (now it's getting intense). Soon, we were telling Angel it was sprint to the finish line time. Focus on the pop, pop of your feet hitting the ground, look to Lonny (her hubby), and just go! As I leaped across the line we finished in 33 min and received our green finishers ribbons, it was like they knew our color scheme. I was so proud of Angel and totally had a blast. I think this may become a Morgan girls tradition. Smile!
Yay, we're almost there, and do I ever stop posing for the camera?

I Love that I am literally LEAPING, dumbly, across the finish line!
Our pretty green ribbons to prove we finished

Track Coach Exhaustively On the Clock: I just want to start off by saying morning runs just aren't my thing. I try to be a good sport about it, but 6:30 just comes waaay too early for me (I know, it's pathetic). I ran in the Logger's Jubilee last year with my brother-in-law Ryan and my sister Melanie. Melanie wasn't able to run this year because she had their new adopted daughter to cuddle with, so I just had Ryan to contend run with. Last year Ryan completely smoked me, so I was determined to keep up with/try to beat him. I also love coming back to Logger's Jubilee because this was my hometown and I get to see a lot of people that I don't get to see very often and catch up a little.

And back to the race... They started the race right on time (a bright and early 8AM). Did I mention I don't like morning runs?.. I was able to get a decent warm up in so I felt pretty good at the start. Ryan asked me what my goal was at the beginning of the race and immediately decided he didn't want to do that so he started slower than I. I was, however, determined to reach my goal of 48 minutes. The first mile and a half went off without a hitch at about a 7:40 pace. Then the best part of the race happened. I got passed by an obviously experienced runner with a Garmin. I'm not sure how it came up, but as she passed I asked her how we were doing and she said we were right at a 7:40 pace and I said "Perfect, I'll just run with you." So I had found myself a running buddy for the rest of the race (well most of the rest of the race). We ran along the race route and shouted encouragement to the people we knew and random insults at the ones we didn't during the out and back portion of the race. I was even able to test out running tangents like professor Adam of I am Boring told me to do (It does work, it saved me like 15 feet... booyah).

Now for the worst part of the race... around mile 4 I started to feel some pain on the outside of my foot. Being the determined fellow I was, I shrugged it off and kept on truckin'. It got a little worse around mile 5 (also when my running buddy dumped me like last year's prom date). Luckily the end of the race was mostly downhill and I was able to finish. I did make my goal and finished in 47:24, but it came at a price. It turns out I pulled a ligament on the outside of my foot from my terrible foot striking and will not be able to run for a while.

I was informed by Ryan that I needed stability running shoes because I suck and need them quickly because I will just keep hurting myself if I don't. He's a pretty smart guy, so I think I'll listen.

The shirt made me feel cool... no other benefits

Evidence of my superb foot striking... no wonder my foot hurts!

20th place ribbons are the best!

Brother-in-law Ryan... I can't help but be awed by his straight footedness

Ryan and their adorable daughter Sage (Ryan took 2nd in his division)

The Morgan Family Racers, all done, all sweaty!

After Jesse and Ryan had finished  and we had taken our photos we waited for Stacie and Jason to cross the line. I knew she didn't have a camera so I was their official photog. We all got excited when we saw they were finishing together, and then they did this...
and it was so adorable. A total "AWWWWW" moment for the whole crowd. We finished up with some photos of all us girls together and sadly had to part ways so we could go get out kids ready for the hick parade.

It was a very full day of racing, eating, parades, eating, watching Coach's mom in Grease, so we were beat, but how do Coach and I unwind after a full day? We bust every move possible at the street dance!
Some of the Morgan brothers showing their best DDR moves! Yes, they are that lame!
From left-Stacy, Nathan, Lonny, and Coach (Jesse)

Raya and I trying to dance with (and like) the mondo wasted ladies up front but they did not want to be our friends :(
That's probably something you could have lived without seeing. It was an awful dance, but we made it ours and we made it LEGENDARY! Hope you all had great weekends too! Anything epic, or not, to report?