Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Panting to the Beat!

Last night I, Adorable Wife, had a great, no, epic run. Ok, for me it was stellar! Yes, I suited up and did a 3 mile loop and ran about 2.5 - 2.6 of it. PLUS, I ran 2 miles of that without stopping! Yahoo! Yahoo, for school, err, running I mean. So, pitiful to some but baby steps people. Just last week I did a 2.7 loop and ran 2 miles of it, total. But anyways, I am sure you are all wondering what this super exciting news has to do with this fascinating photo. Well, besides the fact that I am so oddly attracted to Russel Brand, this photo has meaning to me because they are a sweating and a grooving. That speaks to me. I feel like a big motivator in my run last night was my tunes. They helped to drive and distract. There is nothing like when a favorite song comes on, a big cheesy grin plasters across your face that makes passersby assume your checking them out, and you have no choice but to pick up the pace. Well, I thought I might share some of my all time favorite running beats with you. Normally, I go for more dramatic, harder beats, but lately I have been really coming around on running to some of the more poppy, shake your booty, sing in the shower type of music I normally listen too. Feel free to steal or diss, just be careful, I have a fragile ego.

Linkin Park-Pretty much anything by them
 (the only problem is that I tend to start feeling like I am in some dramatic video and my arms start flailing about and I get a super angry/concerned look on my face)

Hoobastank- Running Away
(One of my all time favorite songs. Coach and I love to rock out to this one)

Britney Spears- Her more upbeat stuff like Womanizer, Stronger, Toxic
(Yes, you may point and laugh now)

Ke$ha- Tik Tok
(She sounds drunk but I love it)

Now, what are some of your favorites? I am always looking for some good stuff to steal. Stacie here gave me the idea for "Shake It" on one of her music days and it is fast becoming one I have to listen to on each run! Thanks for the muspiration (music + inspiration, not a gross disease)!


Lindsey and Thomas said...

You have to try running to Black Eyed Peas "Imma Be" Or however you spell that but it's the best! I can play that song over and over and the goofy grin stays on my face.

Chelsea said...

I love love love running to Linkin Park too. My all time favorite run music is the mashup they did with Jay Z - great mashups of their best + Jay-Z Classics. You can't beat it. At all.

I also like good classic rock - Steve Miller Band, ZZ Top - I know the songs so well I can just zone out to them.

Stacie said...

Good stuff. I'm pretty sure everyone has a Britney Spears song or two on their playlist. Whether they will admit it or not is another thing :)

I'm glad I gave you some muspiration. Love it :) I'm working on finding the perfect tunes for this weeks New Music Friday.

Rae said...

I love Imma Be! Totally gets me moving. I love Push It too. I got Brit on my playlist too. She has good tunes!