Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Splish, Splash I was Taking a Bath...with a Cherry on Top!

Tonight was gonna be the night. It was going to be EPIC. I, Adorable Wife, was going to run 3.1 miles without stopping. Well, that was the plan.

By 8 o'clock my shoes were laced and my hat was in place. I even had Coach and oldest Future Track Star to keep me company for my warm up walk down the road. Coach and I talked and smiled as Peyton ran ahead and then back to us, in the most goofy fashion possible, just enjoying some alone time with his parents. As I met up with the main road, we parted ways, I cranked my tunes, and set off. Almost immediately I told myself to slow down. If I was going to make sure and complete it, I didn't want to burn out too soon. By the first mile I was feeling great. The temp was perfect, Britney was doing her thing, and I was singing along just focusing on my stride.

Then at a mile 1.5 came the figurative speed bump. My hip started hurting. I've had this pain before and it never gets better, but I decided to keep pushing because this was MY night. Not even a quarter of a mile later the sciatic nerve pain followed. All still on my left side at this point, so I did what any normal person does, I hobble ran. Being new to the running game, i am not always certain of what pains to stop for and which to push through, and I was not in a quiting mood so I just kept going. Right after mile 2, though, I was having to hold my hip to keep myself from crying so I knew I would have to walk soon. The house was still over a mile away and no matter what speed I tried the pain was there. Drats! I was feeling it too. After a short walk break, I foolishly pushed another .5 mile before my body would do no more. My right side was hurting now too and I just wanted to be home. I old man shuffled/stumbled through the front door and fell into a heap and started crying. Coach came over right away and started working on me but I was too inflamed to do much. That led to this...

my very first. Luckily it was a very wussy version, just my butt and hips were in, not all of my legs or anything. So, now I have been frozen, and poked and prodded and am waiting to see what I feel like in the morning. The pain is still there now, but hopefully with some sleep and a little more work it will be adios because my tri is right around the corner and my workout schedule is busy! I love the way Rae always posts her schedule so I thought I would too, now lets just hope I can do it.

Tuesday- Lunges, 3+ mile run (Check)
Wednesday- (10 min trainer) Yoga + Abs, Fartleks, Bike
Thursday- (10 min) Yoga + Total Body, Plyos, Lunges, 3+ miles
Friday- (10 min) Yoga + Abs, 1.2 fast mile, Fartleks
Saturday- Brick=Bike + Run, Lunges
Sunday- Rest

Oddly, I am kind of proud of this run because even though I did have to walk, it is still the furthest I have ran without stopping, and it is the best the rest of my body has ever felt on a run, so YAY for that!

Oh and now for the Cherry on Top! I would like to report some award winning news. Stacie at Impossible is Nothing has awarded Coach and I the Cherry on Top Award


#1 Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

#2 The second thing you have to do is, pick 6 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have gotten this award.

#3 The third and final thing is, thank the person who gave you the award.


#1 You are probably getting tired of people not answering this one, so while both Coach and I wouldn't change anything major in our lives because we are also happy with the way they have turned out we have each thought of something we might undo. For me, I would skip the stretchy, stirrup pant with a side twist shirt trend. Die early 90's, die! For Coach, it would have been to never have cut his long, luscious, wavy locks. He swears it made the girls swoon. I remember thinking he had really let himself go!

#2 This is where it gets hard.

*Rae @ 5k Rae since she is unknowingly letting me steal the schedule idea!

*Diana @ Diana Tries-a-Tri! A. because she was at Chelan Man and I saw her and then later found her blog and B. her blog is a crack up and C. she likes to post ridiculous sweaty pics of herself!

*Megan @ The Daily Sweat who is a friend of Diana's (they are both from Bellingham) and hey she likes to sweat daily.

*Tobi @ Busy Running Mama because she is one of the first blogs I started reading and she was one of my first followers!

*Laura B @ My Reason to Run I feel like we have a lot in common with our kid situations and she has been great to talk to about it.

*Julie @ The Finish Line Diaries   Again she is from my neck of the woods and it would be great to meet her someday. Also, in all honesty, her blog was the most recently updated when I went looking for my last name, but I still love you Julie!

#3 So Thank YOU Stacie for having to make me awkwardly select six people to pass this on to. But really, I love you and am glad to have been there for you and glad to get to do it WITH you now!

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Stacie said...

Congrats on your run even if it had a few obstacles.

And you are very welcome :) I look forward to our many adventures together.

Laura B. Jog for Joubert Syndrome said...

ahhhh, your very first ice bath. wasnt it lovely(insert sarcastic tone!) hope your hip is feeling better soon. thanks for the cherry award, now i have to go pick some people to pass it on to :)

mommaof3ontherun said...

I haven't done ice baths...I've avoided. Do you know the reason your hip hurts? Is it your ITband? Do you use the foam roller? My hip gives me problems and the foam roller has been a lifesaver!

Rae said...

I'm sorry you were hurting on your run, but way to push yourself! I probably would have done the same.

I am so flattered that you posted your schedule like me! :)

And thank you so much for the Cherry On The Top award!

Julie said...

you are too funny! oh the benefits of updating at the end of of the night!! Thanks for the award!! I'll work on it on my blog! Would love to meet up someday too. I think your determination to get that run done is going to get you back out there sooner than later...hope that hip feels better soon!