Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome back into my life Tony!

Yes, I have willingly invited this man into my house. And yes, it was my, Adorable Wife's, idea to do it. I guess reading about all the P90Xness going on inspired me to pull out my version of Tony and use it as a cross training method. For Track Coach and I, this means doing his lovely, butt busting 10 minute workout series. We got these quite a while ago (ok almost two years ago now) before my last son was born, but we didn't get to far into them before I got too sick with child to continue. I complain about them because they are super intense and tough (for me at least, I'm a GIRL), but I do love that they don't take all day. When we were doing the max, it was only 30 minutes. So today, we got up at  6:50 and we thought we would start light with a little Yoga and Abs. Light. Ok, the yoga felt great, but the Abs killed. My poor six-pack in training hasn't been worked much at all since the baby (a 1 year old) has been born. Talk about under worked muscles! Even Track Coach has the toughest time with these, and has to do the "modified" version of a move or two. But I do have to say that I love that I have already worked out some and though I am really, really, really not a morning person, so far I feeling pretty good. It actually is ok to get up before, don't hate me, 9:00.  

Coach really wants to take our pictures and do the measurements and everything so we can be all legit, but I don't know if I am game for all that. Ok really I might just be too lazy for all that! We'll see. You would have to bear in mind that not all the results would from Tony because we are, you know, running, cycling, etc! Ah, it is good to have that soothing voice back in my house though, and oh those jokes, I missed those jokes. But they all came flooding right back and soon we were both able to repeat them line for line.
 So, Tony...I will BRING IT!


Maxi Fortend said...

Good for you guys! Run with your husband wanting to do the whole deal! I WISH my hubby would! Anyway, saw your comment over on 5kRae - you can get a Garmin 305 on amazon for $145.70! Just search Garmin 305! Spreadin' the garmin love! Plus, it syncs with Daily Miles - bunch of runner/bloggers are on there, so easy to track your stuff!! Go get it!

Rae said...

Hey guys! You are so cute! Love your blog header! I'm following you now...thanks for following me! Oh yeah, Maxi is right, I got my Garmin from Amazon for that price too!

Tricia said...

We just got p90x this week. I'm semi afraid to start it. Worried it will kill my legs and mess up my running. Guess I need to suck it up and at least do the arms/abs.