Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday (Just Keep Walking)

1. It's true what they say, you don't regret the workouts you do, only the ones you don't. On my checklist for today was a walk or wii dance, some kind of cardio, but by 9:30 I still hadn't fit it in. It was a go,go, go type day and I was feeling it. The bed was soft, Riley was almost asleep and I wanted to join her. But one glare from the hubs let me know I was getting on the treadmill. By 10 minutes in, I was so glad I had. It always feel better to get your sweat on than not.

2. One of the reasons it was such a good walk (besides watching Bobs team lose on BL) was that Jesse gave me some help with my form to make running and my knee better. I am a puller not a pusher. Normally, I stride out really far in front and then pull my self forward, which I am sure you all know is a no no. With some work, I think I can get better at landing underneath my body and then pushing off. Already I was able to get up to 3.2 with no pain! Yay!

3. So do you ever bribe yourself to run? Last night I felt like I needed one to get on the mill, so I told myself earlier in the day, if I walked for 30 min I could have either a PB Choc. protein drink or a bowl of ice cream. Yes, it was between those two things, I love the protein drink! By the time I finished the walk, though, 10:30, it felt too late to eat either, so I didn't get my bribe. I woke up this morning feeling like I still earned it, so I should still get it. Guess what I had for breakfast...

It was a close call between this and the ice cream, but it was BREAKFAST after all. But it was still close!

So now, I feel run down, short of breath, and have a headache, not the best start to a day. Suppose that means it is going to be an easy day! No big projects, just watching the Nadal/Federer match and trying to get some sleep! Hope your Thursday goes well.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Daily Doubles

Ah, it was like being back in high school except this wasn't nearly as hard and I wasn't wearing a tiny pair of spandex (volleyball, in case you were wondering!) Since I REALLY can't stop eating, my new solution is to workout a lot! Ok, I am trying to get the eating under control, but for lunch and dinner yesterday I had cookies, not great! Anyways, in the morning I headed to the gym before Brady's therapy to try out the 30 minute women's only circuit. I loved it! No time to get bored, works out everything, and NO MEN! I used to circuits in college and always enjoyed them, so I think it will be good to incorporate them back into my life. At the speeds I am walking, SLOW, I just won't be able to get the rest of me back into shape while rehabbing the knee, so I think this is perfect. The plan is to circuit on Mon and Wed. The only bummer to the workout was when I got called to daycare while butt naked in the shower! I opted to put on clothes first and found poor Riley had been screaming for a while. I guess poor them, too! It retroactively made my workout stressful.

The next workout I was not looking forward to as much. It is hard to multitask while working out (and while driving, too) and there are just so many things I want to be getting done right now. With the new business (my sister and I are making crafts!) my day is packed with sanding, painting, and mod podging and I love it. I am having a hard time taking a break to do anything else. It has even gotten to where I reward myself with crafting after cleaning the house to make sure it gets cleaned! So, the gym last night was lonely (Coach is now doing Crossfit on pool nights) and I wanted to be somewhere else. I couldn't just let myself relax and enjoy the time alone and sweating. Anybody else have this problem? But I managed a decent 30 min on the elliptical, and slow 30 on the treadmill, and then a few minutes of Angry Birds on the bike while I waited for Jesse to be done. I think you know you are working to your max if you can also play games on your phone! I may have also taken some photos!

It's my daily double grr face!

Today, I am sore (which I LOVE) and looking forward to a day at home. Many more workouts to come this week. I'm going to try a home circuit I found on Pinterest today, I'll let ya know how it goes!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All Snowed In

Many of you have probably heard about the record snowfall some of us in the PNW are getting, but none of heard about my harrowing journey to get milk. That's right, harrowing. A house with no milk, snow piled high, and two brave girls willing to set out on foot and snow shoe in order to bring calcium to the children. It was EPIC. Ooh, or Legen, wait for it, DAIRY!

Ok, in reality, it was more of a self-induced punishment adventure and not a real necessity. Yes, I got snowed in at my parents and yes, we were low on milk with 5 children in the house, but were the snow shoes necessary? I don't know. They did provide a kick butt work out, though. Seriously, Biggest Loser, take note. Find a mountain and make those contestants snow shoe. Between how hard it is and much the layers of clothes make you sweat, the weight loss would take half the time.

At points, in this semi-embarrassing journey, we did have to stop and take breaks and I began to think "if this is hard, how will I ever get into good enough shape to run a half-marathon!" Even though my parents live in the very small town of Onalaska, the store is only about a mile away. So yes, several breaks were taken on a mile trek! What may have been even better, though, was us dodging under trees so there would be less snow to trudge through.

But, what a memory we made. And on the way back I really felt like a Biggest Loser contest having to carry my lost weight on my back, but for me it just happened to be a gallon and half of milk! Here we are victorious!

I hope if any of you are snowed in, you are safe and have plenty of milk!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Any report today on my walk last night would be BORING, but with the current weather in the PNW it is extra boring. So, hope you enjoy because I am going to write about it anyway!

We were all set to do a night at the gym and pool, got there, unloaded, and then learned the daycare was closed. Bummer! Should have paid better attention to their holiday policy. Parenting FAIL. Peyton was sad not to be going, and I felt awful because he doesn't handle changes in plans very well. I tried to cheer him up by letting him play "Fat Bad Birds" on my phone. It worked.  

I was proud that instead of saying "Oh, well" and taking the night off, at 8 o'clock I still got onto the treadmill and walked for an hour. It was a long hour! 17 minutes in and I thought I wasn't going to make it, but I got sucked into The Office and time started passing more quickly. Go Einsteins! I'm thinking of getting one of those laptop holders for the treadmill so I can walk and read/type at the same time. How productive!

My mill said I had burned about 350 calories so I celebrated by eating 700 calories worth of brownies. A little out of whack? Perhaps, or for-sure-haps! Eating is my biggest problem and lately I just can't contain my sweet eating. Using an app on my phone I can easily keep my three meals to under 1000 calories a day, but just can't turn off my extras binging! I know I have to if I want this weight to go away. Any good tips?

Monday, January 16, 2012

So, you eat it?

Snow, that is!
Off the car...

Off the grass...

Off my glove! (Brady felt the only purpose of snow was to eat it! He would just dip his glove and eat away.)

Riley wasn't such a fan of the snow, she only fills up half that suit. But she didn't cry.

Peyton and his cousin trying to pick up the head of the snowman. I love his face.

"I just too strong." Yep, he said that!

Coach's snowman, we never finished it.

My nephew throwing a snow tantrum. Too, funny.

Peyton loved making snow angels. He even tried to do it in just his church clothes right before we left!

Outside our window it is a whirlwind of beautiful whiteness. The heavens are dumping and I am happy to receive it. I feel a snow day coming on! Hope you are enjoying the white stuff if you have it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Told Ya!

I did it, last night I spent some quality time with my treadmill. Even though I didn't have the opportunity until after 9, I still got my butt dressed and onto our mill (which I think I will nickname "The Sponge" for all the sweat of Jesse's it has to absorb!) We had a good time, nothing to stressful, Jesse has me starting RIDICULOUSLY slow. Like under 3 mph slow. I played with the incline a bit to amp it up, but if I went too high I could start to feel my knees. They can't get hurt again. I am determined to actually RUN the half in June.
Even though I was watching Biggest Loser while doing it (btw what is with whiny Bob?), I still found myself getting kind of bored since I wasn't being that challenged. Do you guys have any tricks to keep the workout interesting when you are just walking?

Run For Your LivesAnd in other exciting news, a national race series is coming to my little 'ol hometown of Onalaska, WA! The Run For Your Lives race is using a plot of land there to make their zombie infested, 5k obstacle course. Sad to say, they didn't inform me about personally, but luckily I found out about it from Zoe, who was thinking about doing it. I have always wanted to do one of these 5k obstacle, fun runs and the fact that I will also be chased by zombies is just a huge bonus! Who else feels the need to run for your life? After the race we can celebrate at the one restaurant (burger bar) in town! So pumped!

Ok, so plan for tonight, gym (more treadmill walking and maybe some elliptical) then pool with the boys. Two days in a row will be a recent record for me.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not A Complete Fail...

My new start was not a complete fail... I made it to the gym...once. 

Wednesday started with a bang. I was at the gym by 9:30 and on the treadmill by 9:45. I was sticking to the plan of taking it slow, even when I looked over at my sister and she was walking faster and at a higher incline than me. My first week was supposed to be all walking, start ridiculously slow. We were even joined by my
mom who had never been on a treadmill before. That was hilarious! Seriously, if she wouldn't have killed me, I would have taped her and put it on you-tube. An instant hit for sure! The trainer kept walking by looking like she really wanted to help mom out. She stayed on, though. I was proud of her for that. Just as we were all hitting our grooves, my lil sister called, and her car had broken down. Workout over!

I don't know why, but I didn't make it back to the gym the rest of the week. There were lots of little excuses, but mainly I didn't make it a priority. Today I am still recovering from my trip to UW for another autism study that had Riley and I up to 1 am. Tomorrow is another day. I WILL workout tomorrow. Whether I go to the gym or do something at home, I WILL workout!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year, a New Me!

No, I'm not dead. The last you heard (if anybody is still out there to hear) I was throwing a Halloween party and then poof! I was gone. But it wasn't the boogeyman that got me, just the holidays. I tend to get consumed by them, as well as consume a lot! There is crafting galore to do, family to see, and lots of time with my bunch. The desire to work out and blog just wasn't there. I don't ever want to force this. Plus, my knees sidelined me from a race I really wanted to do, and since I was benched from running, all other work outs stopped too. Bad me, I know.

But here we are, 2012, the time when all the world resolves to lose weight, get in shape, and kick bad habits. Count me in. No excuses, just resolve. I am back up to 165 (yikes!, but yet, worth every tasty pound) and my goal is still in the 120 range. That means watching what I eat, big time. Luckily, Jesse gifted me a iPhone for Christmas, and wouldn't ya know, they have lots of handy apps for tracking calories and exercise. He is currently trying myfitnesspal, and I am using loseit. We'll see how they work out, but so far (as in I started this morning) so good. Love that I can scan bar codes, how cool! As for the exercise portion, I am going to start the couch to 5k over again, this time following it to the letter. Even if condition wise I feel I can push more, I won't. I have to go super slow and easy with my knees, because I can't be derailed again. I have a half-marathon and Chelan Man (a tri) to prepare for.

So that's it. I'm back, possibly busier than ever, but ready to start. What are your goals this year? I'd love to be inspired!