Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Any report today on my walk last night would be BORING, but with the current weather in the PNW it is extra boring. So, hope you enjoy because I am going to write about it anyway!

We were all set to do a night at the gym and pool, got there, unloaded, and then learned the daycare was closed. Bummer! Should have paid better attention to their holiday policy. Parenting FAIL. Peyton was sad not to be going, and I felt awful because he doesn't handle changes in plans very well. I tried to cheer him up by letting him play "Fat Bad Birds" on my phone. It worked.  

I was proud that instead of saying "Oh, well" and taking the night off, at 8 o'clock I still got onto the treadmill and walked for an hour. It was a long hour! 17 minutes in and I thought I wasn't going to make it, but I got sucked into The Office and time started passing more quickly. Go Einsteins! I'm thinking of getting one of those laptop holders for the treadmill so I can walk and read/type at the same time. How productive!

My mill said I had burned about 350 calories so I celebrated by eating 700 calories worth of brownies. A little out of whack? Perhaps, or for-sure-haps! Eating is my biggest problem and lately I just can't contain my sweet eating. Using an app on my phone I can easily keep my three meals to under 1000 calories a day, but just can't turn off my extras binging! I know I have to if I want this weight to go away. Any good tips?

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Colleen said...

Good for you for getting it done... walking on the treadmill is mindnumbing!

I'm with you on the snacking. I've broken it down into no snacking today, then no snacking tomorrow, knowing that I can treat myself on Friday. We'll see if it works!