Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Daily Doubles

Ah, it was like being back in high school except this wasn't nearly as hard and I wasn't wearing a tiny pair of spandex (volleyball, in case you were wondering!) Since I REALLY can't stop eating, my new solution is to workout a lot! Ok, I am trying to get the eating under control, but for lunch and dinner yesterday I had cookies, not great! Anyways, in the morning I headed to the gym before Brady's therapy to try out the 30 minute women's only circuit. I loved it! No time to get bored, works out everything, and NO MEN! I used to circuits in college and always enjoyed them, so I think it will be good to incorporate them back into my life. At the speeds I am walking, SLOW, I just won't be able to get the rest of me back into shape while rehabbing the knee, so I think this is perfect. The plan is to circuit on Mon and Wed. The only bummer to the workout was when I got called to daycare while butt naked in the shower! I opted to put on clothes first and found poor Riley had been screaming for a while. I guess poor them, too! It retroactively made my workout stressful.

The next workout I was not looking forward to as much. It is hard to multitask while working out (and while driving, too) and there are just so many things I want to be getting done right now. With the new business (my sister and I are making crafts!) my day is packed with sanding, painting, and mod podging and I love it. I am having a hard time taking a break to do anything else. It has even gotten to where I reward myself with crafting after cleaning the house to make sure it gets cleaned! So, the gym last night was lonely (Coach is now doing Crossfit on pool nights) and I wanted to be somewhere else. I couldn't just let myself relax and enjoy the time alone and sweating. Anybody else have this problem? But I managed a decent 30 min on the elliptical, and slow 30 on the treadmill, and then a few minutes of Angry Birds on the bike while I waited for Jesse to be done. I think you know you are working to your max if you can also play games on your phone! I may have also taken some photos!

It's my daily double grr face!

Today, I am sore (which I LOVE) and looking forward to a day at home. Many more workouts to come this week. I'm going to try a home circuit I found on Pinterest today, I'll let ya know how it goes!


Danielle said...

If you find something that you like to do at home and dont cost to much will you let me know, i want to start working out but dont have a gym around here so it has to be something @the home

Colleen said...

I would much rather workout more than give up cookies. That's all! :)