Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not A Complete Fail...

My new start was not a complete fail... I made it to the gym...once. 

Wednesday started with a bang. I was at the gym by 9:30 and on the treadmill by 9:45. I was sticking to the plan of taking it slow, even when I looked over at my sister and she was walking faster and at a higher incline than me. My first week was supposed to be all walking, start ridiculously slow. We were even joined by my
mom who had never been on a treadmill before. That was hilarious! Seriously, if she wouldn't have killed me, I would have taped her and put it on you-tube. An instant hit for sure! The trainer kept walking by looking like she really wanted to help mom out. She stayed on, though. I was proud of her for that. Just as we were all hitting our grooves, my lil sister called, and her car had broken down. Workout over!

I don't know why, but I didn't make it back to the gym the rest of the week. There were lots of little excuses, but mainly I didn't make it a priority. Today I am still recovering from my trip to UW for another autism study that had Riley and I up to 1 am. Tomorrow is another day. I WILL workout tomorrow. Whether I go to the gym or do something at home, I WILL workout!

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LaVonne said...

Make it happen! You can do it! That' me, cheerleading.

Good luck!