Tuesday, June 28, 2011

16 Hours later...

Here is the baby report (From Coach- Adorable Wife, I've been told, is going to submit her spin on the past two days' events).

So my 4:10 prediction didn't come true, but I really wasn't that far off. Riley was born with fanfare and a great push at 6:17pm (2 minutes off Tressa's predicted 6:15pm time). She is quite a bit smaller than the boys were- weighing in at 5lbs 11oz and 19in. She's just a little bitty thing... Now that you got the headline, it you care, I'll give you some more details about the labor. (feel free to skip down to the pictures if you don't care..)

As mentioned in my previous post, We went to the hospital with broken water and no contractions. They tested the fluid just to make sure that she wasn't lying. She was scheduled to be induced on that day until they called and said they didn't have any room for her. I guess she showed them. So after they found out she wasn't lying, they hooked her up to an IV and started the drugs to get her to start contractions. They wanted to get the contractions going regularly before they gave her the Epidural. It really didn't take very long, maybe 3 hours, and she was ready for the big needle. She took it like a champ and started to go numb. I took this a sign that I didn't have to give any footrubs so I sat back, relaxed, and played some cards with Tressa and her sisters.

After Tressa got the epidural, it was just a matter of waiting for her cervix to open enough for her to push. Again this only took a couple hours and she was ready to rock. Once the pushing commenced, it only took about 15 minutes and we had ourselves a beautiful baby girl. Tressa was a rockstar through the whole labor, didn't complain and was perfectly pleasant the whole time. It was definately our best labor experience to date.

The first thing I noticed about Riley is how much she looked like the boys. She was a little carbon copy of both of them, just a different set of plumbing. Also, she is the quietest baby ever, she gave a little yelp right after she was born and then just sat there quietly and watched what was going on around her. I was most worried that I wouldn't here her when she woke up in the middle of the night (which did in fact happen, as I'm sure Tressa will hold over my head for the rest of our lives). She hasn't really cried much at all. She is also a power nurser, she has been really good about eating from the start and enjoys her marathon nursing sessions with her mommy.

That's all I have for now, as mentioned before, Tressa will post later with many more pictures I'm sure... Enjoy the couple pictures I have for now.

Tressa was wearing her long pink ringed socks (not pictured due to network sensorship)

Riley and Mommy (with sparkely headband) Aren't they so cute?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Marathon vs. Baby!!! The Showdown

Coach here... It has been a long weekend and start to this next week. I ran the Seattle Rock-N-Roll marathon this last weekend and we were on high alert with the baby the whole time. I was a bundle of nerves the whole time worried that Tressa would go into labor while I was running or the night before the race. I was sure either one of those was going to happen. It didn't help that Tressa kept telling me that she was having contractions. Personally, I think she was trying to mess with me. We made it past the night before with some sleep and I made it to the starting line with no baby yet.

I made it through the marathon with some hiccups... a full race report is forthcoming. We even made it home and made it through one full recovery day. Then last night at about 2AM Tressa's water broke and we are now in the hospital getting all hooked up to IV's and all that good stuff. Contractions haven't started yet so they are drugging her up to get those going, with the epidural to follow. We are hoping we can get this baby out soon (my guess was 4:10pm, she better hustle if she's going to make me right).

I'll have more to say later about my first marathon and possibly some new baby pictures!

Monday, June 20, 2011

How Marathon Training Has Changed Me!

Besides the blisters and one black toenail, marathon training has had other impacts, some long lasting, on my life as a runner. So this will be my way of updating you on how things are going.  I am going to bring it to you bullet style for your convenience (and my laziness.)
  • I now say things like "oh it's only 10 miles today."
  • I've begun to feel more like a runner due to a couple of firsts I've experienced, including; my first 4:30 am run- I even got up at the butt crack of early while at State Track to run around Spokane before watching highschoolers run faster than me- my first mid run pit stop (luckily I was running by some tall grass), and lots of mileage firsts.
  • My size has changed. I find myself to be much hungrier the day after a hard workout, but luckily even with the fluctuation, I am still smaller than when I started training.
  • My foam roller and Father's Day stick are indispensable tools.
  • I also do dorky things like check my heart rate at random times to prove how much better in shape I am.
  • More than ever I respect those that train like this all the time. I really miss quick 30-60 min runs.
  • Pacing is tough. Knowing what pace you are supposed to run is one thing, actually running that pace is another. I am so used to running hard, that slowing down to maintain a specific pace has been a challenge. I think I have settled on an 8:40 pace.
Now I am just trying to get through this week. Unfortunately, I hurt my calf on my last long run and it is making my taper hard. I am afraid I might not be able to run at all this week. There is still no baby yet, I really wish she would come out, but Tressa is insisting I run no matter what! See some of you this weekend. Rock n Roll!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Still Waiting...

This waiting game is hard and exhausting.  I realize I am not "technically" due for a few more weeks, but this baby has to come now! I believe I am at the worst point where I spend all day doing nothing, just laying in pain, and can't find the motivation or energy to do anything productive, even read or write blogs! It is truly pathetic. This month also happens to be a busy one and with all the scheduled activities and the fact that my sister and her fiance are here right now, everyone is wanting me to go into labor before Sunday. I would love that, just trying to get Riley on board. Sorry, I am so MIA and sporadic lately. It will get better. For now I hope you are all having fun training and racing. Jesse has his last hard workout tonight and then will really start getting into his taper. I will really pressure him to write something about his training, he has some great first time stories. Can't wait to see some of you in a few weeks at Rock N Roll. Oh, was that a contraction? Probably not.