Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Hips Don't Lie!

It's true, they don't. Just by watching them in my Zumba class yesterday, it would be easy to deduce that I am no natural at this Latin workout! But the good news is I wasn't the worst  and I had a lot of fun. Actually, even Coach wasn't the worst. That's right, my loving husband came with me to my first class since I tend to be intimated and scared to do new things. Now I would love to say that it was pure hilarity to watch Jesse sexily shaking his hips and popping his booty (and trust me it was) but he actually picked up most of it pretty quick. He tends to be eerily good at dancing games like Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance. It doesn't make much sense, because I took him to a club once and there he had no moves or rhythm! Conundrum.
Proof of said clubbing! (They are doing the Night at the Roxbury move)

Anyways, back to the dancing. I am sad to say I don't have any pictures from this new endeavor, we were almost late and the room was packed so I felt stupid pulling out the camera. But like I said, the important thing is, my sister and I got through the whole hour and Jesse lasted 45 minutes until he had to go do some intervals. We will surely be back. I was glad to see that not everyone had perfect bodies, or rhythm, and no one was wearing funky clothes. That makes it much easier to fit in!

After sweating it up there, we took all the kids to pool which they just love. Peyton can stand easily in the kiddie pool, and even Brady can touch with the water coming to about his chin. The surprise of the night was how much Riley loved the water. She didn't complain once, even when she accidentally got splashed. Although, I think they need to make tiny swim diapers because the smalls don't really do anything for her. Again, I blog (and mom) failed and didn't take any pictures. Next time I promise. Both Jesse and I loved our family and sweat filled evening!

Monday, August 29, 2011

On a Mission Monday!

My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to stop whining about this baby weight and start shedding it! That's right, I am saying goodbye to the maternity jeans I am still rocking and hello to my workout clothes. Today was step one, actually get my butt in a gym and drop some major sweat!

In actuality, I dropped some sweat, not a major amount, but baby steps is my anthem! My sister and I did some machine hopping, checking out the rowing machine, cycling room, treadmill, and the elliptical. The bike felt the best as far as not hurting me. My pelvic bone and back definitely haven't healed all the way and my pride took some hits as I struggled not to up my intensity on the treadmill especially. I know I have to be smart, so when the pain came, I backed off. Still, it was hard not to match what my sister was doing. Baby steps.

Overall, it felt great to burn some calories without the assistance of my boobs (breastfeeding) and to start working towards my goal. My docket is lined up with workouts now. Tomorrow is my very first Zumba class. Anyone taken one, any advice? Then Wednesday I will be hopping in the pool with the old ladies for a Hydroworks class. Hopefully, between the workouts and my resolve to eat better, this weight will start to come off.
My Belly will not be exposed!
So every Monday will be my weigh in day. I plan to have you all keep me accountable and judge me if I am not dropping weight. My starting weight is 160. Goal weight is 125. I don't have a timeline yet, but in an ideal world I would love to drop 2 lbs a week. Don't know if I have it in me though. If anyone else is on a weight loss mission, I encourage you to tell me your story and check in with how you are doing. I love being motivated by others! I can't decide if I should post pictures or not, don't know if my pride can take that much.

And here is your dose of Riley! Oh and for some reason I can't leave comments on some blogs, including you Julie, does anyone know why? So don't think I don't love you, I just can't tell you!
Ok, you can kinda tell how big I am in that picture!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Four Things Friday!

Yep, I missed Thursday again! I had good intentions all day of doing a post, but I just never got friendly with the computer, so now you get a bonus item!

1. I am now officially a member of the gym! The last time this happened, I was rocking a brand new license and thought the gym would be a great place to meet guys! Now my focus is much different. I am excited to try out some new classes (including Zumba, just need to find someone to do it with me, I don't like retarded solo!) and will probably start with the Hydro Works. Watch out old ladies, well actually, they will probably school me. We even got the family plan (hello free daycare!) and so far Brady is a huge fan of the kiddie pool.
Ok, I don't plan on doing that though!

2. My husband is finally the same age as me again. His birthday was Sunday and now we are both at the exciting age of 26! I wish I could say we did something super fun, but it was just a small family party, followed by a double date with his brother and wife a few days later to see a movie.

3. My crush on Russel Brand is growing. Arthur, his newest movie, was hilarious. Of all the movies I have seen this summer, and for quite a while, this was by far the funniest! I think even Jesse has a crush on him. I don't say this often, but I actually prefer him with a little scruff on the face! Ok, sorry that one was lame, just wanted to declare my love publicly and for my posteriety to be horrified later!
What a cute!

4. Holy hottness! At least that has been my mind frame lately. For some of you, this heat probably wouldn't affect you at all, but I just don't handle the heat well. Our house feels like an oven and its too hot to move. That means lots of movies and popsicles lately. It finally seems to be cooling down a bit, which is a very nice break. My kids weren't dealing well either.

Ok, maybe all of those were a bit lame. But hey, I'm just lame today! Speaking of today, Friday, its relay time! Good luck to all the Hood to Coasters out there! Hope you all have a blast. I can't wait to do a relay someday, and I'd feel super blessed to ever do H to C! Yay for being sweaty and tired in a van with lots of other sweaty and tired people!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Time to get back on track!

Well, not a real track yet. My baby girl is 8 weeks old today and the closest I have come to a track is eating one of these!

She is starting to smile and even laugh, which just makes my heart melt, but unfortunately nothing else is melting off. I'm still pretty close to my final pregnancy weight, like 160! In my world of hopes and dreams, I'd like to be closer to 125. So, its time to start doing something about, besides loathing myself in the mirror and then eating a treat to console myself. Great logic, I know! Plus, I've just really missed you all.

Since my pelvic bone hasn't yet healed all the way, going straight to running is out of the question, especially since Coach has benched me from doing it and I don't want to face his wrath! My plan is to join the gym and do some water aerobic classes with the old ladies, hoping that will be lower impact. Then I believe I can start doing some ab work, my six pack is just begging to reappear! Ok I haven't had a six pack for 7 years, but it could happen! And I am working on getting my jogging stroller, so hopefully I can start walking at least.

I think since I haven't run in so long, almost 11 mos (!) I'd like to try the couch to 5k program since that is where I have been spending most of my time! Any opinions on the program?

Hope you are all doing great and enjoying the summer race season! And as will probably happen a lot, I leave you with a picture (or two) of Miss Riley!