Friday, August 26, 2011

Four Things Friday!

Yep, I missed Thursday again! I had good intentions all day of doing a post, but I just never got friendly with the computer, so now you get a bonus item!

1. I am now officially a member of the gym! The last time this happened, I was rocking a brand new license and thought the gym would be a great place to meet guys! Now my focus is much different. I am excited to try out some new classes (including Zumba, just need to find someone to do it with me, I don't like retarded solo!) and will probably start with the Hydro Works. Watch out old ladies, well actually, they will probably school me. We even got the family plan (hello free daycare!) and so far Brady is a huge fan of the kiddie pool.
Ok, I don't plan on doing that though!

2. My husband is finally the same age as me again. His birthday was Sunday and now we are both at the exciting age of 26! I wish I could say we did something super fun, but it was just a small family party, followed by a double date with his brother and wife a few days later to see a movie.

3. My crush on Russel Brand is growing. Arthur, his newest movie, was hilarious. Of all the movies I have seen this summer, and for quite a while, this was by far the funniest! I think even Jesse has a crush on him. I don't say this often, but I actually prefer him with a little scruff on the face! Ok, sorry that one was lame, just wanted to declare my love publicly and for my posteriety to be horrified later!
What a cute!

4. Holy hottness! At least that has been my mind frame lately. For some of you, this heat probably wouldn't affect you at all, but I just don't handle the heat well. Our house feels like an oven and its too hot to move. That means lots of movies and popsicles lately. It finally seems to be cooling down a bit, which is a very nice break. My kids weren't dealing well either.

Ok, maybe all of those were a bit lame. But hey, I'm just lame today! Speaking of today, Friday, its relay time! Good luck to all the Hood to Coasters out there! Hope you all have a blast. I can't wait to do a relay someday, and I'd feel super blessed to ever do H to C! Yay for being sweaty and tired in a van with lots of other sweaty and tired people!

Have a great weekend!


Kirstie said...

I'm with ya on the Friday thing! Wahooo! I too wanna do Hood to Coast one day. So jealous of those running today! Looks like so much fun!

Zaneta said...

yay for Friday!!! :)

I want to do hood to coast someday too!!! :) We should come up with a team ;)

Zoƫ said...

Happy weekend! Arthur was a surprisingly good movie! Mr. Brand is freaking hilarious! :)
Hope you have fun at the gym! I loved doing the Hyrdo classes with the older's fun!