Thursday, September 30, 2010

My First 10k! (A You Go Girl Experience!)

You might as well JUMP! The You Go Girl Team!
I really don't think I could have asked for a better first 10k experience. Despite the no training, crappy time, and mass pain, the spontaniety of it all and the people, oh the people, vastly out weighed all the bad. Plus, I must say I am secretly proud of myself for completing such a big distance (for me) on two weeks rest, running as much of it as I did. Ok, I guess it isn't a secret any more! And bonus, instant PR! Here is the story of my first 10k!

So, like we left off with, this wonderful opportunity was just thrust into our laps and Stacie and I snapped it up. We were up early Sunday morning not feeling much pressure. The plan was to enjoy the race. I was injured and had not run further than 3 miles so this was a huge stretch. We would simply run when we wanted and walk when things hurt or if we wanted to enjoy the sights or smell (it is Tacoma). Amanda was gracious enough to let us ride with her so we wouldn't get lost in the mean streets of T-town so we arrived at her house and waited with a few other runners for the bus to leave. At this point I did start getting a little nervous, watching everyone else prep up like this was a real race (because to them it was.) When we got downtown it was time for what we racers do best, taking pictures, it helps calm the nerves.

Stacie and I avoiding the rain.

Tonia, Mel, and Kerrie

Amanda and Jessica

Tonia totally hopped in on our picture, bandit!
Then we made our way up to the starting line and no one was lining up yet, so what did we do, take more pictures of course! Then we eventually lined up. Stacie and I chose to go right in front of the walkers by the 12 minute milers. I had no idea what pace I would be doing but we didn't want to be stuck behind the total walkers the whole time! We wished everyone luck, couldn't hear a thing but once everyone started moving so did we!
More time to kill? Photo please!

Us by the 12 minute pace group sign (hello slow pokes!)

The crowd to front (hello speeders, though we would pass some of them)
 I definitely wouldn't say we started off at a blistering pace or anything, but we were moving. It was raining, but that wasn't really bothering me at all, it actually felt kind of good and added some drama. Our "speed" stayed about the same until mile 2+ when I needed to ditch a layer. Until then we had just been enjoying ourselves; chatting, eavesdropping on others, and cheering on our teammates, but once I stopped to take of my shirt I really started to notice my pain. It seems as soon as my joints cool down at all, they really freeze up and it is hard to get them loosened up again making the pain triple. So it was at this point we took our first walk break. Then we saw the huge hill coming, decided to run to the hill, get some liquids, and then walk up hill since that is the most painful. However, I must admit, when we saw Mel and Tonia we jogged a little (we didn't want to look like total wussies!)

Pictures while running are hard to take!
Very hard! This is around mile 2

The lovely sights!
 After the monster hill, it was a nice loop through a muddy park and then a series of downhills. I decided to do these Phoebe style and just let go and fly down them because trying to have any kind of restraint was killing my joints! By mile 5+ I was ready for another walk break and this one was pathetic. I must have looked a limping fool. My hips were killin and my poor knees wanted to buckle, but I never thought about quitting, that just wasn't really part of my thought process. It was more, "ooh, look at all those people wearing leis, I want one! I hate that they finished like an hour ago!" Stacie promised we were getting close so we started to run again, or tried to run at least. My form was probably awful. I really was trying to kick it into high gear, but I couldn't get my legs to stretch out. Poor Stacie had to keep slowing down to wait for me, but finally we saw the turn for the finish. Relief filled my body and I used every ounce of oomph I had to "sprint" to the finish. I think I threw up my arms and crossed the line and that was it, my first 10k was over. I didn't even think to check the clock. I did however notice we did not get a lei!
The muddy park, and some random woman wanting to be famous!

We even basically stopped for this one and still it sucks!

Yay! I have finished my first 10k and Stacie had successfully paced me to a sub 2 hour 10k! Score for us both!
 Luckily we didn't take too long to complete it, and we were able to see all of the half marathoners finish, plus Zoe, Kerrie, and Chelsea. It was great to see Tonia get her half done in under 2. Way to go girl! After wards we chatted and hung out in the freezing cold for a bit, just trying to see what color purple I could turn, then we headed out for a delicious refuel at The Rock. I was very sad to say good-bye to the girls, especially the east-coasters. Who knows when I will see some of them again. I had the best time girls, thanks for letting me race and for being so supportive of my 10k over ambitions!
After race shot. We Go Girls!
Official Time 1:18:26

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meeting all the Celebrities (You Go Girl Bloggy Meet Up)

I am so behind others in getting this up, but the important part is I am! Even though I wasn't running the race, ever since I heard about the bloggy meet up I had been elbowing my way in. I really wanted to meet everyone and who doesn't want to eat a massive plate of pasta? When the day came, it really did feel like I was preparing to go meet celebrities. To me they were these mythical creatures whose lives we monitored from far away with daily interest. We aspire to be like them, envy their clothes, and beg to have our picture taken with them, sounds like celebrities to me!

Can you tell we are nervous?
So there Stacie and I sat nervously awaiting their entry into the Spaghetti Factory because somehow we were the first ones there (how uncool!) Turns out, I didn't have too much to be nervous about. Everyone was super nice and even though I didn't get to properly meet everyone (there were a lot of us) I really enjoyed talking to those I did. My biggest surprise was Tonia (T, TMB of Racing with Babes). She was awesome! Totally sweet, down to earth, funny, and outgoing, which is good because I am a thoroughly nervous creature in these situations! I am really going to miss her and wish she lived loads closer. I spent most of the evening just listening to others talk and insulting their pictures. It was a great night.  I just love being a part of this community now. I hope they never kick me out! And here it is in pictures...

All of the bloggies doing a silly pose!

Amanda and I (so sad she moving!)

Me and T doing something weird...

and something more normal.

Stacie, Katye, T, me, and Mel

Me and Mel

T, Zoe (and Miss Goober), Katye and Mel
Oh, and how did I end up racing the next day, you ask. Word spread of some extra race bibs due to some injuries on the team and everyone convinced Amanda to snag the half-marathon bib. In her typical, "sure I'll race at the last minute" fashion, she stepped up to the plate and accepted the challenge. All that was left was for them to find a couple of 10k runners, and who in the room wasn't running, oh yeah Stacie and I. Now I hadn't run in two weeks because of an injury and I had never ran further than 3 miles so I didn't consider myself a prime candidate, but the excitement of it all just got to me and suddenly racing the next day was all I could think about! Add in a dash, or 8, of peer pressure, some calls to our hubbies to make sure it was ok, and suddenly Stacie and I were part of the Will Run for Ice Cream team! Excellent race report to come!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Motivation Monday- If I Can Do It!

There is so much more to come on this, but somehow (a leftover bib and peer pressure) I ended up running a 10k this weekend! I have never ran more than 3 miles and just a quick reminder, a 10 k is 6.2! Did I rock it? Heck no! Did I survive? Heck yes! Was running injured my best idea? Probably not, but getting to run the You Go Girl with Stacie and all the local bloggies was an experience not soon to be forgotten! This weeks lesson... Sometimes, you just have to go for it! Forget about the results and remember why you love running!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things you probably never wanted to know about a Track Coach and his Adorable Wife!

Wow, long title, but descriptive! Zaneta over at Runner's Luck tagged us to write a "10 Random things about yourself" post and since there are two of us, bony bonus you get 20 random things all in one neat little post! So bring on the randomosity (its a word look it up, ok don't.)

10 Random Things About Adorable Wife

  1. I have a name, it's Tressa. When I was really young I hated having such a unique name because people always pronounced it wrong and I could never find it on those cheesy gift shop items. Once I hit highschool, and now, I love it. If someone yells "Tressa" I know they are talking to me!

  2. I can eat bacon bits all by themselves. I use to just snack on a tablespoon full. Now I class it up by adding some cheez-its to it!

  3. I love to plan parties! The decorating, the preparing, the baking, the shopping!

  4. If I could try to do one crazy dream it would be dance. I have always loved it, I may suck but it would be awesome. That is probably why I love So You Think You Can Dance so much and tear up while watching it.

  5. I have three sisters younger than me, the middle ones are twins (they did have a secret language), and they are all red heads. I convinced my entire second grade class I was adopted from China since my hair was a different color then theirs.

  6. I wish I had more time, and less grabby hands, to scrap book.

  7. I am incredibly shy in person at first. It usually takes me a while to get comfortable around people.

  8. My little sister and I once learned "The Routine" from Friends (the one Ross and Monica do.)

  9.  I played three sports in highschool Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball. After my freshman year, due to my shoulder injury, I could only play two a year so each year I rotated what two I played. I ended up with 3 yrs of each. Of those 9 yrs, I went to State 7 times and placed 4 of them (2nd, 4th, 6th, & 8th and yes I actually played!)

  10. Though my boys love to stress me out, nothing cheers me up like their big cheesy grins!

10 Random Things About Track Coach

  1. I am the youngest of 7 children (6 boys, 1 girl). It makes for some really big family gatherings.

  2. My left arm is 1 1/2 inches shorter than my right arm. No, really, I broke my left arm when I was a kid (actually, my brother broke my arm by flying ninja kicking me on the trampoline and knocking me into the support bar). My standing reach: right 7'7", left 7'5 1/2".

  3. I really like real time strategy computer games (Starcraft, Red Alert, Age of Civilizations, etc.). I even have LAN parties with some friends from time to time (bring on the Nerd jokes).

  4. One of my favorite events of the year is the annual "Turkey Bowl." I really miss playing football and I'm a bit of a showboater.

  5. In college, for a time, my nickname was "Showtime..." Enough said.

  6. I played three sports in high school (Football, Basketball, Track) although I was not very good at basketball (I won "Mr. Hustle" for basketball all four years- It's the award they give to the kid that tries really hard, but just isn't that great).

  7. I am Scottish and I really like doing the Highland games. You know, the one with the Caber Toss, where they take a big pole and flip it over... There are lots of other games too, it is super fun and let's me get my competitive juices flowing.

  8. I like the History Channel

  9. I'm possibly a little too happy with myself every time I do a construction project around the house. I built some shelves in the garage and you'd have thought I just conquered the America's for Spain...

  10. I think I have an Adorable Wife and the cutest kids in the world!
We tag everyone that wants to do this, if you haven't you should, it's fun and surprisingly of hard!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Tidbits!

Sorry we have been MIA the past few days but our fall shows have started we have been injured
and grumpy and lacking in full post material. But luckily it has swirled together for a wonderful post of randomness. And yes I am bringing it to you ya'll bullet style!
  • I am unbelievably excited for tomorrow night's You Go Girl Bloggy Meet Up. It is a gathering of Seattle area blogger/runners and few out of towner guest of honors who are running the race. Now technically Stacie and I aren't running the race, but we are not above crashing an event (ok, we were invited) to stuff our faces with pasta and bread and meet some really cool people! I just can't wait! It will totally be worth the drive.
  • There are some really fun reviews and giveaways coming up so keep your eyes out for those!
  • My knee more than anything is keeping me on the injured reserve list. Oddly it is getting worse, so today I am trying the knee brace and less movement (if I can with two kids) because right now the pain is so bad I can barely walk without crying. Although I think I might know what is making it worse now... more on that in a few days
  • We are searching high and low for a trainer. Used and new. But haven't found one close enough, in our price range, that is quality. If anyone has one that they like if they could share the brand and such that would be great as we are trainer dumb!
  • Right now my favorite snack in the whole world is a sliced apple (gala or fuji) dipped in peanut butter! According to Glamour it is their all time high rated energy snack and I am loving it! What is one of your favorite go to snacks?
  • Last night was the great NBC Thursday night line up. We watch everything but 30 Rock. Community was a solid start ("Is there any room in that pocket for a little spare Chang?" hilarious), The Office was better than it had been in a while, and the new show, Outsourced, wasn't incredibly funny yet but it was a good foundation so we are going to give it a shot. Anybody else have opinions?

That's about it. If I will be seeing you tomorrow, can't wait, if not, then your loss! No, really I hope to meet MOST of you someday. Have an awesome weekend! For those of you running races GOOD LUCK!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can you see me now?

No really can you?

Oh that bright shiny stuff is actually making me hard to miss? Good. Since I am a night runner, I knew I needed to start being safer about it so I got me some super reflective Nathan sleeves (yes I copied Rae, totally and completely) and threw on the rest of my gear that had anything reflective on it for my run tonight. Then of course I had to take some dumb pictures before my sister and I headed out. I have taken over a week off due to my injuries in hopes that with rest, ice, foam roller, some magic, and advil they would all get better. Bad news they didn't. Good news is I was able to push through all that pain on the run. The tummy trouble that hit around mile 2.7, I wasn't though. My sister also hadn't run in a long time, plus she was low on fuel so she was walking more than normal and I had been running forward and back, so I was actually probably at mile 3 before we both had to bag it and walk quickly home. Happy to report that we didn't get hit, so the reflective gear must have been working. Although I think I need to beef up my arms a bunch, because even with the smalls they were still sliding down a bit. Other than that they were great.

Today my knees and hip are worse though. I took tonight off again. Not really sure what I am hoping for at this point. Jesse thinks I should just wait for the results of my test and see if the Lyme disease is causing all the joint issues. At this point, I really hope I have Lyme disease. It would explain so much about what has been wrong with me for so long (constant headaches, fatigue, joint pain, numbness, eyesight problems, etc) but I won't find out for TWO weeks. The problem. I have a duathlon on Oct. 24th that I was kind of hoping to rock so do I take the time off and wait for the results and only run/bike on good days? Or do I just train through the pain and assume it can't get too much worse? Any advice would be great. I hate feeling all lazy, but at this point even my yoga is making my knees scream! There doesn't seem to be any exercise that won't cause pain, so it is do it and hurt really bad or do nothing and just hurt some. Thanks guys!

The Envelope Please...We have a winner!

Yes, with the help of my little sister Melia and we have our two winners! I do apologize for not having this up sooner. I know what it's like to get up, run to the computer, check the updated list, and then be dissapointed when no winners have been announced (I didn't say I did that!) But unfortunately I was getting checked for the lyme disease at the doctors. First, though I want to say WELCOME to all our new followers, THANKS for "Suiting Up" with us. Can't wait to get to know you better!  So without further ado our first winner (who gets first pick) is....

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

My favorite recovery gear (hands down!!) CEP Compression socks. I must have them. I dream of compression tights!

and our second winner is...

Stacie from Impossible is Nothing said...

My favorite piece of running gear right now are my CEP socks. They are amazing and I want a pair in every color. I love them!!!

Based on their advice I really, really, really, need to try some CEP socks! So if you are listening CEP :)

So now I think you were both lusting for the same one, so here are your options again. Pretending the one with Peyton's hand on it is #1, then moving over to 2 & 3, tell me your picks except Stacie tell me your top two choices.

Email me your choices and address to tressaabe11 at hotmail dot com and I will send you your prizes ASAP! Thanks everyone for entering, sorry I don't have a million to give out.  And Diana, I really am sorry you didn't win...just wait until Christmas, I make some mean homemade CHOCOLATES!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Motivation Monday- I've Got a Package!

Where do you turn when you are in need of MOTIVATION? I have been turning to the blogging world since the beginning. When I first began running in June I only followed one blog. It was Tall Mom's. There would come the time when I would be out on a run, feeling like I wanted to quit, and I would start saying to myself "Would Tall Mom quit right now?" and "You are never going to beat Tall Mom if you train like this." (Yeah, she is local enough we could face each other and I am competitive so that is a good way to motivate myself, but she has nothing to worry about!) It was great. I felt like I had a running buddy, although no one else was around. But it isn't just the make believe running partners that makes this blogging world so cool. 

Bloggers are just the nicest, sweetest, rockinest people around! Well we are. Everyone is quick to offer advice, encouragement, condolences, congratulations, and a well placed virtual butt slap. We may never meet these people yet we talk of them in casual conversations like they are close friends. And when we have goodies that may help in training or just making life more fun, we like to share them with our virtual buddies! Hello Giveaways!

 It was while congratulating a fellow blogger Diana from Diana Tries a Tri (whom I often tease and use my greatest powers of sarcasm on) on her recent giveaway win that I learned just how awesome some of you are. Just by mentioning that I really wanted to win that particular giveaway for its bike patch kits, the lovely Diana sent asked me for my address so she could send me one. I told her she was too perfect because Coach had just gotten a flat on the bike trailer! Then a few days later this arrived in the mail. A whole goody package. Thank you so much Diana!

She sent us two patch kits, some nuun she had received, and some pens (I believe from her work). Plus...

Stickers for us to play with...

and a um Soda opener, since we don't drink (which she even remembered!).
I mean how sweet is that!  How can people like this not MOTIVATE you? She doesn't really know me, yet she was willing to spend $2.00 on shipping to make me happy! People like that just rock. This world forces us to open up and share our strengths and weakness, our triumphs and failures, our fat and skinny pictures (don't worry they are coming), but it brings us friends like this. Folks that push us from miles away, to be better, train harder, and school them at the next virtual challenge! Let this MOTIVATE you to stay friendly and remember when you feel like you're running alone, there are really lots of us pushing you. Just see how many of us you can beat!

And because I love all of you, and really what is more MOTIVATING than having a cute new something to run in, don't forget today is the last day to enter the Bondi Band Giveaway HERE!
Also MOTIVATING are Coach's and Peyton's race recaps below if you haven't read them!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wild Things (Run Wild 5k Race recap)

Peyton saw this bear and immediately went down and sat by him.

Before we get to the race, we of course have to start with the pre-race outfit picking (at least you do when you have a wife like mine...) I always complain to Adorable Wife about the sweat that is constantly in my eyes. I'm sure out of annoyance, she suggested that I wear one of her Bondi Bands (Giveaway ending tomorrow). I thought these two lovely numbers were right up my alley... what do you think?

In the end, I opted for the standard sweatband and headed off to bed.

The next morning, we headed out with Tressa's handwritten directions in hand and a tank full of gas. We headed out at about 6:30 hoping to get there right at 7:30-7:45.  The Run Wild website said that they were closing the park entrance at 7:50 and we didn't want to get there late. So we made our way through Spanaway and suddenly realized that the directions that Tressa had gotten were incomplete. The turns that it said on her little piece of paper did not exist. We were suddenly stuck in Spanaway with no directions and only a vague idea of where Northwest Trek was supposed to be. I also happened to notice that it was about 5 minutes until the park closed. Anyways, one frantic call to Adorable Wife's sister and a couple of U-Turns and we were headed in the right direction. By the time we found the park, it was about 10 after 8. The worker that was standing at the entrance politely informed us that the park entrance was closed and there was nowhere else to park. I was not going to pay $30 to not race. I was going to get down there if it was the last thing I did.
We found a place to park along a road a little ways down the road and I got out of the car prepared for a short jog to the starting line. This was because the guy who closed the entrance to the park said that it was about 1/2 mile to the start of the race from where we were talking to him...LIE. It ended up being more like a 1 1/4 miles to the start of the race from where we parked which made it kind of a crunch for me to get down there, get my registration taken care of, put on my race bid, go to the bathroom, and get a little stretch in before the 8:35 start time. Tressa and Peyton did end up making it to the start of the race about 30 second before the start, so she was able to catch the start of the race...whew. (But Tressa must mention it was a lot of work to get a 3 year old that far that quickly!)
I joined the pack about 1/3 of the way back thinking that would be about where I was supposed to be... Mistake.  Even getting to the start line took me about 10 seconds and then I ended up having to duck and weave through a bunch of people to keep the pace I wanted. I ended up finding a nice young bearded fellow to run with for the first mile or so until he had to break off for the 8K and I kept on keeping on with my 5K. So minus my bearded buddy, I continued on toward the turnaround. I was very surprised to see only two people pass me on the way back after the turnaround, meaning I was in 3rd place at the time! I did see our worker buddy at the turnaround and I let him know that I had made it. In all fairness he was just doing his job, and he did seem genuinely glad to see that I had made it to the race. 

Yes, that old guy did end up smoking me in the end.

After the turnaround, I began noticing a decent amount of footfalls coming directly behind me. I knew they were coming to get me because by this time my calf had started to hurt and I was definitely noticing the pain from my mile + warmup. In the end, I only got passed by two people and I got to see a couple other people that I knew from high school on the course. 
I ended up finishing in 21:42, which is about a 50 second PR and it just happened to be exactly 7 min mile pace. My goal was to get under 7 min mile pace, so I was a bit disappointed by that, but overall I was very happy with the results of my race. I ended up being 5th overall and got 1st in my age group! Yay!

Peyton and his congratulatory kisses (Adorable Wife made us do several take so she could get a picture)
And now I will turn it over to my Adorable Wife to finish up the post.

What that really means is he is too tired and lazy to continue writing! No it means you don't trust me to include all the details you want and I hate you standing over my shoulder saying "Remember to say this". I so don't do that. Ok, maybe I do do (he he he) that a little, I'm sorry. I love you and you are an excellent writer. There are just things I want to make sure are put in here. Thank you, I love you to.

Eh-hem, I will be finishing up this post because I tend to be an overreaching my bounds, nitpicking, editor when I feel I have info to add to a story and it is easier on our family if we just do it this way. I have joined a class and a support group and will be working on the problem.

He is the one in the orange shirt.
After we finished up with Jesse's race it was time to get Peyton all psyched for his. He had been talking about it, in his own way, all day. We killed the next hour "practicing".  It was so cute to watch him sprint back and forth between Jesse and I, and if we moved to do something else, he started to freak out, he wasn't ready to be done! Finally we explained to him that he had to save something for the race. They finally started lining the kids up around 10, 5 and under first, so I took him to the starting line. Now he is notorious for crossing finish lines at our races several times. He is actually in more pictures from the official race photog at my first 5k then any one else by far! We really do try to keep him away, but he gets obsessed and we let him out of our sight for a sec and then there he is...arms in the air asking for a medal. Anyways, so I thought standing at the starting line, looking towards a real finish line he would be excited. Jesse was down there waiting too, but as soon as he saw the number of kids and their parents he snapped and ran off. With his autism, too many people in a small area freaks him out big time. I tried to coax him back, but it wasn't working. I knew if he saw what they were doing he would love it, so I held him in my arms and we watched the first group of little girls run down. Like the brilliant mother I am, I was right. He saw them cross that finish line and couldn't wait for his turn. Wriggling free from my arms he went to join the next set of racers. I was actually really surprised he waited for the man to say go but he did. On "GO" he took off and ran, with necklace (his safe object) in hand all the way to the finish line. Once he had his certificate and was in Jesse's arms he loudly proclaimed, "Do again, do again!" We told him we will definitely try to find more races for him to do.

Now it was time to see the animals, because really Peyton had patiently waited through all the prizes and certificates and it was 11. He had been waiting all day to see the animals. We knew mostly this would be a great place for him to just run around at, and that is mostly what is turned into. Running from animal to animal. As soon as we got to one, told him what it was, he saw it, he would turn around and say "See another animal." And so that is how we got to see most of the park in about 20 min. For some reason I was very shocked to see the grizzly bear, a little scared maybe, I don't know, but it was really cool.

Doesn't he look scared like he just saw THE Wolverine!

Coyote in the background

I just loved having a day with just Peyton, where we could talk with him and do whatever he wanted (for the most part, I said no to playing in the mud but yes to splashing in the puddles!) So I would love to say a big THANKS to my Daddy for making that possible (he watched Brady, because as we learned last week he is not a good race day participant!)

Remember tomorrow is your LAST day to sign up for BONDI BAND GIVEAWAY so you better do it HERE today. I am making TWO girls very happy!