Thursday, September 30, 2010

My First 10k! (A You Go Girl Experience!)

You might as well JUMP! The You Go Girl Team!
I really don't think I could have asked for a better first 10k experience. Despite the no training, crappy time, and mass pain, the spontaniety of it all and the people, oh the people, vastly out weighed all the bad. Plus, I must say I am secretly proud of myself for completing such a big distance (for me) on two weeks rest, running as much of it as I did. Ok, I guess it isn't a secret any more! And bonus, instant PR! Here is the story of my first 10k!

So, like we left off with, this wonderful opportunity was just thrust into our laps and Stacie and I snapped it up. We were up early Sunday morning not feeling much pressure. The plan was to enjoy the race. I was injured and had not run further than 3 miles so this was a huge stretch. We would simply run when we wanted and walk when things hurt or if we wanted to enjoy the sights or smell (it is Tacoma). Amanda was gracious enough to let us ride with her so we wouldn't get lost in the mean streets of T-town so we arrived at her house and waited with a few other runners for the bus to leave. At this point I did start getting a little nervous, watching everyone else prep up like this was a real race (because to them it was.) When we got downtown it was time for what we racers do best, taking pictures, it helps calm the nerves.

Stacie and I avoiding the rain.

Tonia, Mel, and Kerrie

Amanda and Jessica

Tonia totally hopped in on our picture, bandit!
Then we made our way up to the starting line and no one was lining up yet, so what did we do, take more pictures of course! Then we eventually lined up. Stacie and I chose to go right in front of the walkers by the 12 minute milers. I had no idea what pace I would be doing but we didn't want to be stuck behind the total walkers the whole time! We wished everyone luck, couldn't hear a thing but once everyone started moving so did we!
More time to kill? Photo please!

Us by the 12 minute pace group sign (hello slow pokes!)

The crowd to front (hello speeders, though we would pass some of them)
 I definitely wouldn't say we started off at a blistering pace or anything, but we were moving. It was raining, but that wasn't really bothering me at all, it actually felt kind of good and added some drama. Our "speed" stayed about the same until mile 2+ when I needed to ditch a layer. Until then we had just been enjoying ourselves; chatting, eavesdropping on others, and cheering on our teammates, but once I stopped to take of my shirt I really started to notice my pain. It seems as soon as my joints cool down at all, they really freeze up and it is hard to get them loosened up again making the pain triple. So it was at this point we took our first walk break. Then we saw the huge hill coming, decided to run to the hill, get some liquids, and then walk up hill since that is the most painful. However, I must admit, when we saw Mel and Tonia we jogged a little (we didn't want to look like total wussies!)

Pictures while running are hard to take!
Very hard! This is around mile 2

The lovely sights!
 After the monster hill, it was a nice loop through a muddy park and then a series of downhills. I decided to do these Phoebe style and just let go and fly down them because trying to have any kind of restraint was killing my joints! By mile 5+ I was ready for another walk break and this one was pathetic. I must have looked a limping fool. My hips were killin and my poor knees wanted to buckle, but I never thought about quitting, that just wasn't really part of my thought process. It was more, "ooh, look at all those people wearing leis, I want one! I hate that they finished like an hour ago!" Stacie promised we were getting close so we started to run again, or tried to run at least. My form was probably awful. I really was trying to kick it into high gear, but I couldn't get my legs to stretch out. Poor Stacie had to keep slowing down to wait for me, but finally we saw the turn for the finish. Relief filled my body and I used every ounce of oomph I had to "sprint" to the finish. I think I threw up my arms and crossed the line and that was it, my first 10k was over. I didn't even think to check the clock. I did however notice we did not get a lei!
The muddy park, and some random woman wanting to be famous!

We even basically stopped for this one and still it sucks!

Yay! I have finished my first 10k and Stacie had successfully paced me to a sub 2 hour 10k! Score for us both!
 Luckily we didn't take too long to complete it, and we were able to see all of the half marathoners finish, plus Zoe, Kerrie, and Chelsea. It was great to see Tonia get her half done in under 2. Way to go girl! After wards we chatted and hung out in the freezing cold for a bit, just trying to see what color purple I could turn, then we headed out for a delicious refuel at The Rock. I was very sad to say good-bye to the girls, especially the east-coasters. Who knows when I will see some of them again. I had the best time girls, thanks for letting me race and for being so supportive of my 10k over ambitions!
After race shot. We Go Girls!
Official Time 1:18:26


Diana Tries-A-Tri! said...

I LOVE the Phoebe reference. I could immediately picture it. Great job lady! Very impressive!

Lesley @ said...

Cracking up at the "sub-2 hour 10k" comment. Silly woman! I actually saw your time on Stacie's blog and was pretty impressed considering you had been injured AND had never run more than 3 miles.

But the bad news is you ran 6 miles!!! S-I-X. That means it's time to up the ante... you can do the longer races girl...

P said...

Love this race report, congrats on an AWESOME 10K!! You are such a tough mama!

racing dawn said...

Seriously, so awesome! I think it's so brave to just jump in and do it! Hope you injuries weren't aggrevated any worse! Congrats on the 10K PR! :)

Rae said...

Great job Tressa! Way to push through your pain!

Megan said...

Good for you for doing the 10k even though you hadn't planned! Your time is very respectable, I hope you don't think it's slow! I hope I can make it to a bloggie meet up in WA sometime soon

Cynthia O'H said...

You and Stacie are such team players! Great job, both of you, on the 10K.