Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Does my butt look smaller to you?

100 Day Challenge Progress Report

Again you can see my original goals here, but I do have some updates for you all, since I know you have been anxiously awaiting them. Then again this blog is for me and my records too, so sorry if this post doesn't fulfill all of your entertainment needs! 
  • My Tri is over and my goal was to complete it in under 1:45. Well I smoked it finishing in 1:22:46.3. Man it felt great. I wish there were more, but I will have to stick to duathlons for a while.
  • While reading some new books on how to play with children with ASD I came across the good old games Simon Says and Follow the Leader. Gave him the option yesterday, and he picked Follow the Leader. Actually got him to play with me for 7-10 min, before I lost him to hand twirling and mumbling, but it was a good start and he had a lot of fun for a while!
  • I've lost another 2 lbs. Now I am down to 132, but I am pretty sure my butt has gotten bigger from all the garlic fries and Ice Cream I have used to celebrate/console myself during this last week!
That's about all there is to update there, but I do have some other exciting news for you. Besides my great giveaway for TWO Bondi Bands going on HERE,

there is another great Raffle giveaway going on hosted by the creator of this 100 day Challenge Courtney from Run, Courtney, Run. You can check it out HERE and donate. She has tons of great prizes and it is for an excellent cause, TNT (although Zaneta, maybe you shouldn't enter this time and give the rest of us a chance to win! :P)


Andrew Opala said...

no answer for that question - none whatsoever!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Yay for Follow the Leader and Simon Says! :)

Rad Runner said...

Congrats on the time! You really did rock it! Total celebration with fries worthy!

racing dawn said...

Man you rocked that time - eat all the fries and ice cream you want! :) And even the smallest breakthroughs with kids are amazing! And no, of course your butt doesn't look fat!

Zaneta said...

HAHAHA!! Seriously, you just made me laugh! :D I shall refrain from entering ALL giveaways that come my way ;) my blog has a HUGE list of giveaways on my sidebar! (half of them i have not entered, just added to the list) lol... and small hint, to give back and thank all my wonderful kind and caring followers, i am planning my first giveaway ALSO I can't win my own giveaway so make sure you enter once its posted ;)

Molly said...

congrats on your Tri finish! I think you deserve the fries after that!

zbsports said...

Great post and the title capture my interest, I have big butt too. Anyway looking forward for that great giveaway.