Friday, September 17, 2010

Shop till you your UNDERWEAR!

Hi, my name is Tressa and I have big slight addiction to online shopping. Not only to do I enjoy that knock on the door when a package has arrived (somebody loves me), but mostly I love the thrill of a hunting down a good deal! Yea, I can be that annoying person in the grocery store that only buys something if it is on sale. I recently had to convince myself that it was ok to buy apples even if they were not on sale. Fruit seems like one of the things you shouldn't skimp on because there isn't a great deal to be had! But anyways, we are a family on a budget, and now add in much, much higher medical expenses then we thought and I just can't pay full price for some things. I laugh when I go into a children's clothing store and they only want to give me 50% off. Course, then I think maybe there is a bit wrong with me, perhaps I expect too much. But then I go home, get on my computer and Old Navy is having a Sale. Oh this item is already half off, plus another 25% off and free shipping. Score. You get my point. I do the same thing with Jesse and mine's clothes. 

Anyways, where do you guys benefit from any of this craziness. Well, lately, of course, my obsession has been outfitting with the proper tri, cycling, and running apparel. We pretty much had nothing to start so we have had to get some stuff just to be able to compete. As we started looking around, it became apparent that the world charges you a lot to stay in shape! Dang world! New mission, get us legit gear, at pauper prices. I think I have done a pretty decent job and I don't want to be stingy with my findings so I am going to share in the wealth with you. Now, you may already know of some of these so if you do sorry, you are all knowing and powerful!
  • REI Outlet- This was a good place for some discounted gu's and shot bloks but my big finds here were my Bike Computer (half off) and my Zoot Tri Tank that I sported at my tri (spent 32.00 saved 37.00) Of course there was shipping here, which I always HATE!
    Shorts from Tri Village. Top from Sierra.
  • Tri Village- After searching for tri shorts for Jesse and I, this was the place that had both pairs we wanted, at good prices, with free shipping. Although, part way through I discovered they ran out of my shorts, they fixed the problem by upgrading my shorts and our shipping at no charge. We both got Zoot Tri shorts (The total for both should have been $198, but with no tax, no shipping and extra 10% off, it came to $114!)
  • Sierra Trading Post- Probably my new favorite store, ever! I think my Mom has single handily been keeping them in business for years, and now I am doing my part! They have awesome name brand sporting apparel at closeout prices, plus they send you regular coupons for 20-30% off. The worse thing about them is shipping, so try to plan ahead and group as much as possible. Some of my favorite finds...
This Saucony Ultralite Run Culture Jacket (For Men) was $75.00 but I paid $34.26                                                      
                                                                               These Saucony Capris were $50.00 but I paid $21.00
Descente Compression Cycling tights were $100.00, but for me $44.00

And my Skirt Sports Race Belt...only $10.00!

  •    Jesse has also gotten a few tops from there and other things here and there. Plus they have shoes! So, yes you may be able to get your favorite shoes at much cheaper prices, but do be careful because things are hit and miss and they disappear quick!
Now here is some REALLY GREAT NEWS for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of trying out Sierra Trading Post yet. If you send me your email address (either in a comment or at my email address if that makes you uncomfortable {} and I promise not to sell or misuse it in any way) then I can get you a $10 dollar coupon good off of any $30 dollar purchase. Plus if you us this code NRZ73632 you'll get the same savings as me (20% off your purchase!) What do you have to lose. Check them out, get addicted, it's awesome!


Rae said...

Coupon for me please!

busyrunningmama said...

I too, am an online shopper.....and I too, have to get the best deals. I use coupons at the grocery store and save $90-$110 bucks every week....When reading your post, I even found myself wondering if I could have scored you better offense, but that's the way my brain works.. Shame on me, right?..One thing I do know, is Ebates (which I have done a post on) has both Sierra Trading Post and REI and REI Outlet on their site. Sierra offers 2.5% back and REI 3.0 %, so if you are gonna shop there anyway, sign up at Ebates and always click through them first.
If you go through this link....I'll get some credit too.

Every few months they send you a check for all of your cash back purchases. You can use them for travel, clothing, everything....there are a ton of store....old navy too!!

Alma F. said...

I've got another one for you...

Andrew Opala said...

isn't there a big risk of stuff not fitting?

Adam said...

I'm with Andrew, how do you guard against stuff not fitting?

Either way, I'm game - theboringrunner at gmail

track coach and adorable wife said...

We have had to return stuff that hasn't fit, but they ship out your new stuff for free or you can just return it for a $5 loss. But with how much we've saved, it seems ok to me. Plus you get pretty good at knowing your size!

chris mcpeake said...

very cool blog.

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Great finds!!!!!! That is aweSome!!!!!

Cynthia O'H said...

I love monitor shopping. When it comes to actually buying, though, it's a different and frustrating story. I despise the shipping charges (but so worthwhile if it means I can shop without dragging the boys out). But, when shopping from the USA, we have to wait forever for things to cross the border and get hit with cross border taxes. So, online shopping for me only works if it's from our soil - but there just isn't as much selection and definitely not the deals. Okay, there's my rant! Sorry!