Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I can count can you?

My 100 Day Challenge is now over a week old. Technically it started on the 23rd, so that means 8 days down, umm no good at math, 92 more to go! Well, let’s see how I am doing. You can check out my original goals here in case your memory is like Dory’s (Wow I watch too many Disney movies!)
  • I have lost 2 pounds since last weeks weigh in putting me at a still bootylicious 134 pounds. I’m really hoping not to look all rolly in my tri stuff.
  • Tony Horton and I have gotten lots of face time, like I wanted (what was I thinking, that is a creepy face?) and I have done abs and total body every day this week as scheduled even though I have felt very under the weather. Luckily, I am getting more familiar with the routines and can do some, well mostly yoga, on my own.
  • My playing with Peyton goal is going so-so. Some days it’s me, others it’s him. When I am sick I have hard time running in circles for 15 min (usually his activity of choice) and when he is having a bad day, I can’t get him to want to do anything with me for 15 min. I am still learning, and part of that means that some days, what he really wants is for me to just sit with him and tickle his back. I think that counts too, even though we are watching Cars for the zillionth time! It’s all about no pressure, what Peyton wants, Mommy-Son time.
  • Neither of my races is here yet, so no official report there. I have been trying to get my training in, but Coach has been restricting me some so I don’t injure myself further.
Overall I think it’s going pretty good. Coach was a bit ticked I didn’t inform him about it. Now he feels all left out and is sulky. Men. Can’t just take the three hours to read blogs on their own I guess. He claims he can never get computer time, but I have no idea WHAT he is talking about.


Julie said...

way to go on your challenge! I've been meaning to spend some one on one time with tony. He has been very neglected.

Rae said...

Way to go! 2 pounds down is great!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Yay for losing 2 pounds! :)
I love your thoughts about playing with Peyton. And yes, sitting with him tickling his back definitely counts! Like you said, it's all bout mommy-son time!

Adam said...

2 pounds lost is better than 2 gained! Besides, talking about this let you post a picture of Destiny's child. And there ain't nothing wrong with that.