Monday, September 13, 2010

Motivation Monday- I Feel a Celebration Coming On!

(Sorry the other one wasn't working, hopefully this one will!)

On this Monday I want to MOTIVATE you, I really do. But, I am still feeling the high from this weekend. That great feeling you get when accomplishing something big. It's not that I just want you all to share MY joy, but I want to make sure that you all are celebrating your accomplishments too! Whether you just completed a big or little race, are creating a human being, or are deep in marathon training. Actually, it's those deep in training that need to remember to celebrate the most! You are logging your miles in the most dedicated of manners, even when its hot or you're tired, and it probably often sucks, but you are kicking that training schedules butt! Try to remember by just getting out there and running, no matter what our reasons, we are improving ourselves 10-fold and that alone deserves the more than occasional celebration, but you...Even though your big goal isn't here yet, you are working hard NOW and we all need to celebrate the EFFORT we put in too! Ok, maybe not like this guy...

 Then again, why not celebrate like this! It is hilarious and will embarrass all of your friends in the background! I saw this and thought it was just too awesome not to share!

Tell us about a goal you accomplished or how you have been rocking your training schedule so we can all celebrate with you! Cause really, what is more MOTIVATING than a little CELEBRATION!


Laurie said...

I take it they don't have excessive celebration penalties in table tennis. :D Funny stuff. Right now I don't have much to celebrate, but don't worry, I'm not afraid to do a little dance when I do. :)

Zaneta said...

hahahaha!!! OH how that video made me truly laugh out loud! lol... especially when the camera zoomed in on the score! haha, hilarious! Thanks for sharing! :D

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Oh man, i needed this today...i skipped my 5 miler today but will hit up a mid week/mid distance 10 miler tomorrow! Since when is 10 miles a mid week run? Since marathon training, thats when! What the heck! I'm pretty awesome!!

=) Thanks!!!!

Diana Tries-A-Tri! said...

So, maybe if you email me your address a little patch kit might show up in the mail for you ... as a congrats on that first big triathlon!
dianatries.a.tri at gmail dot com