Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coach's Plan

To go from this
To this

A few weeks ago, Adorable Wife started drawing up a training plan for herself as she was preparing for her first triathlon. Soon after, she began badgering me about my lack of a training plan. I have always been a more go with the flow, do whatever feels right for the day kind of guy. However, this easy-going nature is not so good when it comes to training, mostly because I end up not doing the amount of training that I am supposed to be doing. Plus, I always end up leaving out many of the things I should be doing (stretching, plyos, speed work) in favor of the easier to do on-the-fly runs and rides.

So, getting off my lazy couch muscles, last week I created a workout plan for the off season. I decided if I was going to make a plan, I was going to make it aggressive because I would like to someday feel like an athlete again and like they say "go big or go home." I wanted to make sure I was getting in decent mileage for both running and biking, but I also wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to go away from my sprinter/hurdler roots, so I created a plan that incorporated just enough fast twitch muscle workouts to keep my speed up, while really working on my weak area of endurance.

Here is my training plan. It will be a little different on race weeks, but I would like to stick to this as much as possible.

AM: 45 min easy run (5-6 miles), 2 10 min trainers (Tony Horton baby!!!)
PM: 1 hour bike, 15 min stretch

AM: Plyometrics (30-45 min), lunges
PM: 30-45 min bike (speed work), 15 min stretch

AM: 45 min Speed running (hills, intervals, etc), 2 10 min trainers
PM: Rest, 15 min stretch

AM: 45 min easy run (5-6 miles), 2 10 min trainers
PM: 1 hour bike, 15 min stretch

AM: Plyometrics (30-45 min), lunges
PM: 30-45 min bike (speed work), 15 min stretch

AM: Long run (1 hour to start- try to work up to 2)
PM: Say hi to the wife and kids, 15 min stretch

AM: Rest
PM: Nap

There you have it, now I'm going to actually have to do it now that I've posted it for everyone to see (and not read because this is a boring post). For those who made it through this epically boring post, do you think I've set myself up for failure going too aggressive on my training schedule? I suppose I'll have to go through a couple weeks and see how I do. As of this point I haven't been able to do anything since the plyos because I haven't done those in a while and I forgot how sore they make me the first few times. Holy mamba jamba!

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Stacie said...

I think it's a good plan. You can always tweak it a bit as you start out if you have a rough day, race planned, etc. I think having a plan laid out is great. It has worked well for me in the past. Now all I need to do is get one to keep me on the right path until Portland.

Your post wasn't THAT boring. I have to say the picture helped :)

P said...

Having a plan is ALWAYS a good thing! I invariably tweak mine after I get going on it, but it makes me happy to have a plan.

Rae said...

You can do it! We will hold you accountable now! :)

Diana Tries-A-Tri! said...

I'm glad you scheduled in a nap ... very important to recovery and training!

Lesley @ said...

So "Say hi to the wife and kids" is a workout AND only to be done once a week? ;-) I wonder how Tressa feels about that one!!! LOL!

Looking forward to training plan updates... consider yourself ready to be held accountable.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

That looks like a great plan! Last year I wanted to keep up my fitness over the winter so I actually followed a plan on called the "winter maintenance plan." It was awesome!

Adam said...

Jeeeeze, you tri guys are hard core with the two a days. Wow. Looks like a solid plan though!

Anonymous said...

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