Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things you probably never wanted to know about a Track Coach and his Adorable Wife!

Wow, long title, but descriptive! Zaneta over at Runner's Luck tagged us to write a "10 Random things about yourself" post and since there are two of us, bony bonus you get 20 random things all in one neat little post! So bring on the randomosity (its a word look it up, ok don't.)

10 Random Things About Adorable Wife

  1. I have a name, it's Tressa. When I was really young I hated having such a unique name because people always pronounced it wrong and I could never find it on those cheesy gift shop items. Once I hit highschool, and now, I love it. If someone yells "Tressa" I know they are talking to me!

  2. I can eat bacon bits all by themselves. I use to just snack on a tablespoon full. Now I class it up by adding some cheez-its to it!

  3. I love to plan parties! The decorating, the preparing, the baking, the shopping!

  4. If I could try to do one crazy dream it would be dance. I have always loved it, I may suck but it would be awesome. That is probably why I love So You Think You Can Dance so much and tear up while watching it.

  5. I have three sisters younger than me, the middle ones are twins (they did have a secret language), and they are all red heads. I convinced my entire second grade class I was adopted from China since my hair was a different color then theirs.

  6. I wish I had more time, and less grabby hands, to scrap book.

  7. I am incredibly shy in person at first. It usually takes me a while to get comfortable around people.

  8. My little sister and I once learned "The Routine" from Friends (the one Ross and Monica do.)

  9.  I played three sports in highschool Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball. After my freshman year, due to my shoulder injury, I could only play two a year so each year I rotated what two I played. I ended up with 3 yrs of each. Of those 9 yrs, I went to State 7 times and placed 4 of them (2nd, 4th, 6th, & 8th and yes I actually played!)

  10. Though my boys love to stress me out, nothing cheers me up like their big cheesy grins!

10 Random Things About Track Coach

  1. I am the youngest of 7 children (6 boys, 1 girl). It makes for some really big family gatherings.

  2. My left arm is 1 1/2 inches shorter than my right arm. No, really, I broke my left arm when I was a kid (actually, my brother broke my arm by flying ninja kicking me on the trampoline and knocking me into the support bar). My standing reach: right 7'7", left 7'5 1/2".

  3. I really like real time strategy computer games (Starcraft, Red Alert, Age of Civilizations, etc.). I even have LAN parties with some friends from time to time (bring on the Nerd jokes).

  4. One of my favorite events of the year is the annual "Turkey Bowl." I really miss playing football and I'm a bit of a showboater.

  5. In college, for a time, my nickname was "Showtime..." Enough said.

  6. I played three sports in high school (Football, Basketball, Track) although I was not very good at basketball (I won "Mr. Hustle" for basketball all four years- It's the award they give to the kid that tries really hard, but just isn't that great).

  7. I am Scottish and I really like doing the Highland games. You know, the one with the Caber Toss, where they take a big pole and flip it over... There are lots of other games too, it is super fun and let's me get my competitive juices flowing.

  8. I like the History Channel

  9. I'm possibly a little too happy with myself every time I do a construction project around the house. I built some shelves in the garage and you'd have thought I just conquered the America's for Spain...

  10. I think I have an Adorable Wife and the cutest kids in the world!
We tag everyone that wants to do this, if you haven't you should, it's fun and surprisingly of hard!


Lesley @ said...

Really enjoyed this... thanks for posting.

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In the Routine, were you Monica or Ross? And also, that is awesome.

Rae said...

I love your random facts! Thanks for sharing guys!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

I love your random lists! :)