Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weekly Exercise #6- Plyo series #2

Scissor Jumps-

Caution- This week's exercise is not for those who do not like feeling the burn. Your legs will absolutely burn with this exercise. That being said... let's get to work.

Since last time we worked the thighs and rear, I thought I would continue on that trend. Scissor jumps will really target your thighs. HUGE EXERCISE FOR INCREASING OVERALL LEG STRENGTH. Take a deep breath...

Start off with your legs spread apart like you are performing the bottom portion of a lunge. Jump as high as you can and switch your legs in mid-air. Land with your legs spread in the same lunge position, except your legs will be opposite from your starting position.

Perform the same action going in the other direction. Once you land in your original position, you have done one repetition.

Original position- try to keep your knee behind your ankle
You guessed it folks... that is Project Runway on the DVR back there.
Finish the scissor jump by switching legs and landing in the lunge position.
The first time you do it, you should see how many you can do and use that as your baseline. Do 2 sets of your max. Eventually, you want to work your way up to 3 sets of 25. Make sure you are jumping up as high as you can when you are doing scissor jumps.

As always, let me know if you do this and if you try it, tell me how epic they make your legs feel.
P.S. I just finished a brick... hence the outfit. I could have changed, but I wanted to keep it on just for the benefit of Adam, who really likes my package in my tri shorts tri shorts.


Rae said...

I've done these and they are hard!

Chelsea said...

OH these are so painful and ridiculous. But after I finish, I feel like pumping the air Rocky-style.

If you've never done this before...I usually do the first few in a not-as-deep lunge, or else I fall over. And that's sad.