Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Hips Don't Lie!

It's true, they don't. Just by watching them in my Zumba class yesterday, it would be easy to deduce that I am no natural at this Latin workout! But the good news is I wasn't the worst  and I had a lot of fun. Actually, even Coach wasn't the worst. That's right, my loving husband came with me to my first class since I tend to be intimated and scared to do new things. Now I would love to say that it was pure hilarity to watch Jesse sexily shaking his hips and popping his booty (and trust me it was) but he actually picked up most of it pretty quick. He tends to be eerily good at dancing games like Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance. It doesn't make much sense, because I took him to a club once and there he had no moves or rhythm! Conundrum.
Proof of said clubbing! (They are doing the Night at the Roxbury move)

Anyways, back to the dancing. I am sad to say I don't have any pictures from this new endeavor, we were almost late and the room was packed so I felt stupid pulling out the camera. But like I said, the important thing is, my sister and I got through the whole hour and Jesse lasted 45 minutes until he had to go do some intervals. We will surely be back. I was glad to see that not everyone had perfect bodies, or rhythm, and no one was wearing funky clothes. That makes it much easier to fit in!

After sweating it up there, we took all the kids to pool which they just love. Peyton can stand easily in the kiddie pool, and even Brady can touch with the water coming to about his chin. The surprise of the night was how much Riley loved the water. She didn't complain once, even when she accidentally got splashed. Although, I think they need to make tiny swim diapers because the smalls don't really do anything for her. Again, I blog (and mom) failed and didn't take any pictures. Next time I promise. Both Jesse and I loved our family and sweat filled evening!


Stephanie Anne said...

Glad you liked the Zumba! Hopefully you'll be back at running soon!

Colleen said...

So glad you liked Zumba... I might give it a try this winter, but somehow, I don't think I'm going to be able to convince the hubs to come with me. Any advice on how to get him there?? :)