Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stacie wants to Tri too...Maybe!

Hopefully, I should say. I, Adorable Wife, really want a buddy for this. Doing things alone is not my forte, especially when it is my FIRST time! So when my my pal Stacie (Impossible is Nothing) mentioned she might want to do it, I jumped all over the opportunity to fully convince her, insert evil laugh here. Now, we have been friends long before this whole blogging thing blew up, so when we had their whole family over for dinner last night, I knew it was my perfect chance to work my magic on her. I explained that the distances were so short that she would easily be able to complete it now, it would all be about how quickly she wanted to do it. Then I moved on to how great the cross training would be for her marathon, and how nice it would feel on her knee. Finally, the piece de resistance. A bike ride!

Before the inaugural bike ride, Stacie was trusted enough to ride Coach's bike.
Even though we were not properly dressed (poor Stacie was wearing flip flops!) we got our helmets on, which took Stacie a while, but safety first, snapped a photo, and hit the road. It wasn't long before we were eating bugs and she was commenting on how awesome the views were, how nice it was not to have her knee hurting, and how cool it was that you can work hard and still chat with a friend. I was getting her hook line and sinker! After a slightly eventful 6+ mile ride that included scaring the crap out of some ladies and their dogs (more the ladies then the dogs), killing our bums on some bumpy bridges where scared some more people, almost getting eaten alive by a Kudjo like killer beast dog, and riding on a busy (but wide shouldered) highway that would later earn Stacie a spanking.

After the ride, just slightly sweaty, with lots of bugs in our teeth, eyes, and who knows where else!
As we rolled into the driveway and the men came out to greet us, Stacie informed her hubby that she would be needing a bike. YAY! I don't know if Jason is thrilled with me for getting his wife all into triathlons, but he can beat me up later, I don't care. It will be awesome to have a training buddy who is more my speed and someone to take on my first tri with me! So, she promised to look into the tri (which I have officially signed up and paid for, so I HAVE to do it) and then let me know. PLEASE let her say yes!


Rae said...

How cool that you girls are real life friends! And how cool that you might have a tri partner!

Cynthia O'H said...

It sounds like Stacie is on her way to a "yes". The benefits of cross-training will be great for her marathon.
Besides, if you're doing it, she has to say yes, right?

Julie said...

Nice convincing!! Almost there... good luck!

Joanne @ MostlyFitMom said...

Yay to an almost training partner! Makes the miles go by less painfully :)

Stacie said...

I'm in Tressa!!!! Hopefully, I'll be a good training partner. I can't wait!!!

Thanks for dinner and an awesome night!!!