Thursday, July 12, 2012

Three Things This Thursday

I only have about 10 min. to write this, so I will see how quick I can be!

1. I know I still haven't finished my Rock n Roll write up. I just want to do it justice, but there hasn't been time to do it, so there it sits in my drafts, just waiting for me to add more to the title. Do know, though, I WILL do it. The dauntingness and guilt from not writing it has kept me from writing any other posts. So no more!

2. I did manage to do something to my foot in the half-marathon, a stretched or pulled something probably, and haven't ran since. Jesse thinks it will be better for me to go into my coming events under trained instead of over injured! We'll see. It is feeling better so I will run next week and try it out.

3. Speaking of upcoming events, I have Chelan Man in a little over a week, YIKES! Kind of snuck up on me. It is my first tri in 2 years, and really only my second one ever! It will again be a complete and have fun race versus a hard worked for accomplishment. I hate that my race schedule this summer is becoming like that. My dream is that I will be better by the relay.

3.1 Speaking of the relay, my cousin and her man had to reluctantly drop out and we now have 2 openings. The relay is from Spokane to Sandpoint August 17th-18th. Anyone interested? Being in shape is not really a criteria! Spread the word please!

Whew, 10 minutes done!


Alma said...

I want to hear about your RNR experience! Sorry your foot hurts. I hope it's back to normal by Chelan Man. Ice, baby, ice!

Colleen said...

Can't wait to hear about your RNR race! And hope that the Chelan Man went well! :)

I wish I was closer and could jump into the relay. Would be a good time for sure!