Friday, August 3, 2012


I can only think in bullets today, so that's how I'll post.

• Tomorrow is my first ever obstacle race, the Run For Yours zombie 5k obstacle course in my hometown of Onalaska, WA. What? Never heard of it? I'm shocked! I've been so focused on the relay, I haven't really had time to get too nervous, or excited about this race. But Jesse and I will have some sweet outfits. Here is a bit of a sneak peak...

• After the disappointment of Tuesdays run, I was anxious to push myself the next night. We had some unexpected guests and I got on the mill later than I wanted, but i was able to get my fastest 2 miles ever, 24:09, which included my two min walk warm up. Satisfied? Yes!

• Two weeks removed from the relay and the nerves are really kickin in. I have had repeated nightmares about not packing properly or leaving late. It's all for fun, but I still want to make sure I show up!

• The Olympics are actually getting me down. We just don't have time to watch them like we wish and therefore are missing the cool obscure sports and interviews. What happened to the days when we couldn't find enough coverage to watch? Oh yeah, 3 kids!

• Speaking of TV, our new obsession is Franklin and Bash. Zachary Morris is all grown up and funny! Of course, it's viewing is on hold till post Olympics.

• Our race tomorrow says to be prepared for mud, water, latex, and small electrical shocks. Should Jesse and I get a taser tonight so we can practice?

How was your week? Any advice for my upcoming races? I appreciate all tips! Have a great weekend!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Love Franklin and Bash!

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