Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three Things Thursday (Grand Opening)

Apparently, I am back to once a week posting on Thursday, oops!

1. I am loving the 30 min circuit at the gym more and more. I feel like I am getting overall toning (which I desperately need) while also working up a good sweat. The only thing bugging me is our low tech gym doesn't have any type of timing system in there, so I am forced to keep track on my phone. If I try counting in my head, I end up counting the reps or losing track (hey, 60 is really HIGH!)

2. Coach has his first swim meet on Saturday. He has been loving his master's swim class and is ready to test his chops. Actually, he is pretty sure he is going to get creamed, but wants to do it for fun. The plan is to do the mile freestyle swim and the 100 IM. Last Saturday he actually swam for an hour straight with a friend and went almost two miles. Suddenly, the distances of the bigger tri's aren't scaring him, which he never thought would happen!  Riley and I will be going to cheer him on and hopefully, capture some pics.

3. In unrelated news, we officially have a sitting baby in the house. Riley is a champion sitter now (has been for a few weeks) which seems a bit behind the boys, but she might crawl before them!
Please ignore the crazy hair, it can't be tamed!

Now I am off to take care of my sick boys!

Oh, and in even more unrelated news, we are having a Grand Opening Sale for our crafting business 'I Want That! Crafts'. 15% off your entire order! If you are local, we can do delivery or pickup and you can visit our site here to order. Or if you need it shipped, just visit our Etsy shop here and enter code NEWSHOP. Thanks for the love and support!


Teamarcia said...

Your newest little sitter is so adorable--messy hair and all! :D

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

How did she get so big? So cute.

Jill said...

Woo-hoo on getting some great workouts at the gym! Toning is so good! Way to go busy mama!

So cool that Jesse is doing masters swim! It's amazing and pushes you so much!

Stephanie Anne said...

yay for fun workouts & good luck to coach!