Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Screw it!

Even though my blogging has been sporadic at best, I have been getting to the gym and on the mill slightly more than sporadically. I've been a good girl, took it slow, did lots of ellipticaling, and still my knees hurt daily! So I'm done, screw it, it's time to just kick it up a notch. That half mary is not going to run itself, and neither will I if my legs don't start moving faster soon! I am going to chalk it up to bad joints like my shoulders and just hope they don't completely give out. Solid plan I think!
So, my inaugural run was Monday night, and I still started slow ( I am super out of shape) and did 3 min running/ 2 min walking for 30 min. It was a little tough, a good Whitney helped me out, but despite a little pain I felt great! Now I am like a really fast snail! Tonight I'll go again and let biggest loser be my distraction. The girls are getting close to my weight, which is my cue to put down the cookie and get losing!

Thanks for all the support during my lazy blogging. Hope you are all doing fan- freakin- tastic!

Here is a pic of Riles to keep you all happy!


Zaneta said...

I've been out of the blogosphere lately too... Riley is cute! Growing up so fast!! :) Good luck on your run! :)

P said...

Pictures of cute kiddos pretty much make everything better. :) Good job getting back to running - it's so hard to start up again when you've been away!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Aw, Riley is adorable. She's gotten so big since last September!

I'm liking the TV show Whitney too. Community is back on 3/29. I've missed that Joel.