Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Things Thursday!

Ah, my favorite day to post. Suddenly, my creativity can take a break and there is nothing more to do but fill in the blanks!
1. Usually, Thursday is a slightly stressful morning because Brady has gymnastics. It is supposed to be the Tumble Tots class with parent participation, but there are still lots of skill drills and turn taking. Originally,  I thought it would be good for Brady to learn to take turns and listen to directions, but apparently a mostly non-verbal autistic child has other ideas. Just getting him through the stretching is difficult. He doesn't notice the other kids, or care about them, so getting him to follow the leader is a real challenge. Still, we would make it past the first part and then he had such a ball jumping in the foam pits, it made it all worth it.

Today, was a pure disaster. Peyton had no school, so he was going to join us, which is usually fine, but today there were a ton of new kids, so no room for Peyton. Daycare was full, which meant both he and Riley HAD to stay with me. Three kids in gymnastics! Couldn't be done. Of course, both boys were really disappointed and a slew of crying and kicking ensued while I tried to extricate them both, plus Riley, from the room and to the car. I felt horrible! I know autistic kids have a had time dealing with change in the schedule, especially when it is something they look forward to all week. Never have I felt so much like crying and screaming in public before. Luckily, my sister helped me get them to the car, we all calmed down, and I let Peyton pick something else fun to do (which meant we headed to Olympia to go to the big McDonald's!) Glad the morning is over!

2. I had two great workouts yesterday! In the morning it was the 30 min circuit at the gym. I was a little pressed for time, but made it through them all and even started going deeper into the squats and other similar motions, really trying to push my knees. The pain was there, but I survived, and hopefully soon my knees will be stronger.

3. My second workout was a run. Yep, still running! I did another 3 min/ 2 min split and made it the whole run (30 min.) Seems a bit sad, but slow and steady wins some races right?  I can't decide whether to go 4 min run/ 2 min walk next or 3 min run/ 1 min walk. Opinions?

Alright, have a great Thursday!


Amanda@runninghood said...

So hard when things don't go as planned for kids. And lately I've had more moments than not when I feel like crying and screaming in public. Many times it is when I'm trying to get all three kids to the rec center for classes. Hoping your knee feels 100% soon.

Melia Hunt said...

Good job at getting back into work-out routine. Keep it up! Love ya!