Friday, May 20, 2011

Odds and Ends Friday!

I have a hard time getting together a complete thought these days so doing a fascinating bullet style post is what I can handle and what you all get today. Enjoy!

  • My little boy is 4! Peyton is 4! I have a 4 year old! That is crazy. Soon I will be a 26 yr old with 3 kids, possibly crazier!
  • At school!
    Blowing out his cookies!
    • I am excited for Riley to get here, or anxious I should say. Her due date isn't until the 3rd of July but I have been telling her to come by June 15th so we both have some recovery time by Rock N Roll Seattle. I think it will be good for her to learn at this early age how to work her schedule around our racing!
    • I love Amanda from 5 Miles Past Empty! She recently completed a 70.3, holy incredible, and now wants more! Because she is so awesome, especially at the swim, she is going to give Jesse some pointers so he doesn't just flop about in the water and has a better chance at creaming his brother (a big goal of his)! Also, she was sweet enough to hand pick me as a winner for her easy-bandz giveaway. I chose a sparkly, sequined headband to wear in the delivery room, so my little girl can see her momma sporting some bling along with that fashionable gown! So, basically, lots of love to Amanda!
    • Speaking of Coach, his track season is almost done. Today is districts, and next week they head over to Cheney, WA for State. I love that they go Eastern, what I still consider my school even though I only went there a year, and am bummed I can't accompany them. After this he will have more time to train, sleep, and see us. His 15 miler last week went pretty well, and he was able to try out the new handheld I got him. He still can't decide whether or not to bring it on race day. Any opinions on that?
    • The sun has arrived, and even though it isn't staying for long, it has been nice to see it. I wish I could enjoy it more, but luckily the boys have been able to get outside a lot with Grandma and Grandpa. We stay here a few days every week, and they really enjoy the change of pace. Unfortunately, it is the only time I get reliable Internet anymore, so that is why my posting/ comments are so sporadic!
    • Peyton loves the new squirt bottles Grandma got him!
      Poor Brady after he took an accidental dip in the pond!
    • Yay for getting back to 137 followers! I know this blog is only a shadow of it's former glory (he he he) but we have lost a few followers and it was nice to see that number go up for once! So thank you to our newest follower!
    Ok, that's all my brain has for now. Hope those of you racing and recovering have a great weekend! Oh, and if you have a jogging stroller and didn't respond to my former post, please do, I am so lost!


    misszippy said...

    Wow--you are a young mama for 3 kiddos! Hats off to you. I could not have handled that at your age...way too immature!


    I was 26 with 3 kiddos too! It's going to be awesome. Or crazy.

    Brook said...

    That's exactly how old I was when Molly was born! Now I am turning 30 and she will be 4. Time flies! I always said I would have 4 kids by the time I am 30 but I have settled with the two boy and a girl and now I am fine with

    Cynthia O'H said...

    Happy Birthday, Peyton! Enjoy these years with your young family. And, smart move teaching them to work their schedules around your training and race schedules. It works just fine up here.

    H Love said...

    I love age 4. FUN! Sooo I am physically and mentally recovering from the marathon and THINK I can swing getting over Rock N Roll in June. I would love to use your bib if that works for you. Let me know if this still works and I will start working on plans...and HOPEFULLY be running again soon.

    5 Miles 2 Empty said...


    Now, if Jesse's brother reads this, I'll consider helping him out for a $,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$! think he has that kind of money? HAA!!

    And about the stroller-BOB! Pricey but totally worth it! I swiveling front wheel is nice IF and only IF you can lock it! That way it can double as a regular stroller. My running stroller had a locked front wheel and I couldn't turn in stores or sidewalks without popping a wheelie....know what I mean?