Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I've got the runs!

I am happy to say my first crafting event is over and life is sort of returning to normal. Of course, I only have a month till my big craft show, so I'm sure things will crazy up in no time, but for the moment I can breathe. Which means I need to find other ways to take my breath away, so hello running!
Last night when I got on the mill, I was afraid that my week off would have taken its toll. Feeling blah and still a lil rundown, I took some shot bloks (pathetic for a 30 min run, I know!) and queued up some Biggest Loser for extra motivation and got to work.

My plan for this week was to do 4 run/ 2 walk. I didn't know if I could hack it, but I think my shirt helped!

I am happy to say that with all my powers combined I was able to do it, even finishing with a 6 min stretch of running! 30 min run and 5 min warmup got me a little over 2 miles. Still have a ways to go on the speed thing, but that will come. My only fail of the night was wearing shorts for the run, which resulted in my first chub rub of the upper thigh area and first mid run wardrobe change! This lovely chafing has made me sad, but it is also motivating! I will wear shorts again!