Thursday, April 26, 2012

3 Thing Thursday - Racing Wild Edition

Ah, back to my favorite day to post!  Sorry I have been so quite lately, or your welcome, either way I will be back into a better routine soon. Next weekend is my first BIG craft fair, and I have been using all of my free time to prepare for it. It scares and excites me at the same time. Lots of awesome people will be there, and I don't want to look like a chump next to them! But if you are in the area, come check out the Country Chicks Spring Thyme show May 4-5 in Littlerock, WA! Ok, onto my 3 things.

1. I will be doing my first relay this summer, and I am SOOOOOO excited! No, it's not Hood to Coast, but it might be the next best thing, Spokane to Sandpoint! I was born in Spokane, and LOVE it there, so I am pumped to be running through my true hometown. Add to that, being in a van for two days with smelly friends, what could be better? Luckily I have till mid-August (17-18th) to get my butt into relay shape. Although this is WAY more about having fun than time, I don't want anyone (including me) to die while trying to complete their legs. Stacie and her husband will be joining Jesse and I, which I think is awesome, and our team is already up to 9 of the 12 people. So, 3 spots still left, just sayin!

2. Jesse and I have also recently secured our spots in a few other races; ChelanMan and  Run For Your Lives. Two more firsts for me. My first time doing ChelanMan, it will be Jesse's 5th?, and my first adventure race. I will be doing the Try a Tri distance, since it has less swimming for my shoulder. Really nervous but, again, excited! And who doesn't want to run through obstacles while being chased by zombies? Plus, it is being held in my little hometown of Onalaska! Awesome!

3. So here is a recap of our summer schedule...

June 23rd- Rock n Roll Seattle Half
July 15th- Cheese Days Toledo 5k
July 22nd- Chelan Man Sprint Tri
Aug 4th- Run For Your Lives
Aug 11th- Logger's Jubilee 10k
Aug 17th-18th- Spokane to Sandpoint Relay

I am still looking for a 5-10k to do before Rock n Roll, so if you have any suggestions...

How is your summer schedule shaping up?

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