Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Directions

Sorry Gleeks, this has nothing to do with 30 yr old singing high schoolers (which i love btw), but everything to do with my focus for the RnR half. Let's face it, I can't get ready in time to run any kind of a real race and this will probably be the only half I'll run, so that means it is time to let go of sub 2:30 dreams and make this a full blown FUN race. Just me and the hubs for 13.1 miles, enjoying the scenery, cheering on others, running when we feel like it!

I am no full, or even half, marathoner. This a wham-bam, thank you mam kinda girl (that IS what she said), which translates to 5 & 10ks and sprint triathlons! And I am ok with that. I hope you are too. I may be short a few badges of running honor, like lost toenails, peeing my pants, and 20 milers, but I AM still an athlete! Ok, that will be all for today.

PS I got zumba for the wii, and I'm very excited to try it out! I have really missed the Zumba classes I was taking and need that fun weight loss help!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

You are most definitely an athlete! Please do not doubt yourself just because you can't reach an arbitrary time goal in June.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Julie D. said...

yes you are an athlete!! Have a great time! That is what it is about!

LaVonne said...

Going as long of a distance as you can is overrated. You area definitely an athlete - enjoy the journey!