Friday, October 21, 2011

Four Things Friday! The stressing edition!

My next week and half are going to be so crazy, I am already stressing out about getting everything done perfectly. That is sort of the theme for my 4 things.

1. First reason life is so crazy, my sister, Alesha, and her husband are here from Utah for the weekend b/c my other sister (her twin, Erica) is getting sealed in the Portland Temple on Saturday. I love that they are here, but we have tried to pack a month's worth of activities into a few days. Totally worth it though! She just got married this summer and we don't know our new bro-in-law very well, so it is always great to get to pick on see him.

2. Reason two-I am throwing a grown ups only Halloween party next Friday! In a sadistic way, I love stressing about hosting a good bash. I may be shy, but I love throwing parties so I can make cute decorations and sinful food! Here is some of the stuff I have made so far...

Seriously, I try to find almost any excuse to have a party. It is so much fun. Usually, we do a Halloween families party, but decided this year to take a night to hang out with our friends, laugh, and eat till WE get sick!

3. Couch to 5k is reason 3. Still loving it, but with the company and baking it is becoming hard to find the gym time. I WILL get all 3 runs in both weeks. That is my ultimate goal!

Tuesday's run was fantastic. The plan called for 90 sec running/ 2 min rest, but since I had already been doing a 90/90 split, that seemed like a step back. Coach had me choose between 90 sec run/ 60 sec rest, or 2 min run/ 90 sec rest. I chose to run for 2 min. I feel like I need to cheat and get ahead a bit in case it gets really hard, I will have a little edge. I really never thought I would love following a plan this much. Any beginners out there, find a plan, it is fantastic!

I may have looked like this after the run...

but I felt like this! Totally bad ace and tough!

4. So, this isn't really stressing me too much now, but since I had intended to make this a 3 Things Thursday post ( yep, Thursday got away from me) I only had 3 items in mind and needed a fourth! Both Jesse and I are signed up for Seattle RnR, the half of course. My distance PR to this point is a 10k, and I only went that far once, so I definitely have a long way to go! Jesse is going to be my pacer, but I don't have any grand allusions of a great time, just finish decently and alive! Although, I have started stressing about where to stay. I just don't have the time to put in the Internet research just yet!

So, what is great or stressing you out this weekend?


Leah @ Chasing Atalanta said...

Awww, your decorations are seriously making me reconsider my decision to not have a Halloween party this year. Oh well, too late now. We passed the torch to our friends and this way I can have all the fun without the work!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Love the decorations, I'm sorry we can't make it up for the party.

Seattle, I know where to stay! I'll send you a FB (I thought I already did this, sorry!)

You are going to do great in your first half. So excited to be there for it!

Julie D. said...

i LOVE throwing parties too!! Any excuse...i have a good one in a couple weeks...Kate's 3rd birthday. Have a great time...and enjoy!! So excited you are signed up for the half. You will rock it. Nice job on the running plan! It is so hard to get back at it, after baby!! way to go.