Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2, 9, &13, Bonney Lake Triathlon in Numbers

Ready to go in his birthday suit! No really he got it for his birthday!

 So, this isn't written by the participant himself, but I figured if this was ever to get documented, I had a suspicion I would need to at least get the basics down and then Jesse could always fill in the blanks later.

Coach did say that he is really starting to love doing the same events year after year, because you can really see how you are improving. And improve he did!

We will start with the number 13. This is the number of minutes he PR'd by from last year. Yea baby! 13 minutes is huge! The swim was an out and back and he ended up being 15th out of the water, but he wasn't tired and could immediately pass people to transition, which was a huge change from last year as well.

Swim time-07:03.5  T1-01:23.6

With the wetsuit, he was able to get out of the transition super fast, and he says he wasn't required to sit down and put on his shoes this time due to fatigue, which was nice. The town is fairly hilly, and the bike was no exception, but he still managed to pass a few people, and get blown by when the Olympic guys zoomed past everyone. For this leg he was 12th.

Bike time-35:14.5  Speed-20.9MPH  T2-00:43.4

He now feels like the run is the weak part of his game, which is a very strange feeling for a sprinter! More hills, lots more hills, awaited him but thanks to his training, he managed them all, and had no cramping this time. He finished 18th in the run.

Run Time-00:22:44.6  Speed-7:20/M

I had some camera issues, so lots of butt shots!

Put it all together and what do you got...
Total Time- 01:07:09.6

Yes, so last year he finished in 1:20. He was super pumped, and felt great, even though his hair made him look creepy!!   

With both his medals!

Then came the really exciting part, the numbers 2 & 9. When checking the results he had to look much higher on the paper then he usually did. He finally found his name in the number 9 spot. That's right, TOP 10! His first top ten finish. Last year he was in the 30's or 50's I believe. And to round it out, he got 2nd in his age group! Technically the number 1 in his age group was also the overall winner, but they just gave that guy two medals! Jesse is looking forward to competing with him the future since he is also 26. Overall he loves the course, and the way its run, and he'll be back next year!


Zaneta said...

yay jesse!!! :D That's so fun!!! Congrats on PR... that's huge!! and for finishing in the top 10!! :D woohoo! :D

Tortuga_Runner said...

Awesome PR!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

CONGRATS!! So sorry I could not host you all and come out for the race... HUGS!