Thursday, September 8, 2011


1. I HEART the Gym! Yes I do! My classes are going great, I am sore from yesterday's hydroworks as I type. I love being sore! It lets me know i am doing something, now if my body would look as tight as it feels!  We have fallen into a great routine with the kids there too. Tuesday and Thursday's are our Zumba followed by pool fun. The kids, even Riley, are lovin the pool! This Saturday we even get a free night of babysitting, now we just have to decide what to do!

He loved this part...

And hated this part!

And Brady just started his gymnastics class there today. It didn't go as great as I would have hoped. The first thing he found was the bucket of chalk...he then showered himself completely with it! But after that, boy do I wish I had snapped a pic before dusting him off, he did ok. Sitting is still hard for him, but I am hoping this class will actually help with that. He did enjoy the jumping around, though.

His attempt at a smile!
2. Back to school, back to school...Peyton went back to preschool yesterday. It is so weird sending my 4 yr old to school with his little backpack and all. He wasn't thrilled to go (he actually thought we needed to get Riley back in my tummy first) but once he got there the teacher said he was a really big helper! School has helped him more than anything so I am really excited to see what strides he makes this year!

3. YGG is quickly approaching, and again I am not running, but I was hoping to come and cheer with Miss Riley. Stacie and I are wishing we could stay up closer to the race so we don't have to drive back and forth, anyone have an open floor for two ladies and baby? If not we will just drive!

Finally, this comments thing is really getting to me! Everyday I discover more blogs I can't comment on. I am computer stupid and Kim told me what might be wrong, but is there anyway for me to fix it? Speak in simple terms! 

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H Love said...

Hope you guys get to go up for YGG. I too have been having problems commenting. No clue!
Happy to hear you are squeezing in some work outs!