Thursday, September 15, 2011

TTT Kablam!

1. You Go Girl is next weekend and I am officially going! Riley and I will be certified cheer staff. Stacie and us will be staying with the gracious Kim at her folks' house. Slumber Party! I am really looking forward to some almost off duty time. The boys are great, but can be overwhelming, and I really feel like I lose myself sometimes. Hopefully I can recharge and connect with some great ladies! Now I just need to work on making some signs!

Learn More About Autism Speaks

2. Busy Busy- So this weekend is the Walk Now for Autism Speaks in Seattle and I feel almost ready for it. The shirts are made, though I misspelled one name (just a brother-in-law!) and we have are departure time set for 7:30ish. Still have to gather the rest of the donations and the proper forms to turn in that morning. Did I mention the walk is FREE and would be a great family activity as well as good way to show your kids about giving back? Ok, broken record, I'll stop! Weird to think that our kids will have no idea what a "broken record" means. "What's a record?"

But I am really excited for it, I just hope the boys don't run off or get lost! I think Peyton will love it, actually! I am hoping it will also be a good way to connect to other families and resources, sometimes you can feel sort of isolated in these situations because, although they love to help, your family and friends don't quite know what you are going through.

3. Speaking of autism, Brady started both his Speech and Occupational Therapy this week. It was so surreal going back to the same rooms I took Peyton to just over a year ago. I really think it will be good for Brady, any progress is great! We also are helping out with a study being done by UW's autism center and will be traveling up there a bit so the boys can be screened and evaluated. I am trying to participate in as many ways as I can. Even Riley may take place in a study for infants of siblings with autism. There is so much unknown in the world of autism that I would like to think that maybe our families purpose is to help further this research!

Everyone have a super duper day!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Woo hoo! I'm ready for a slumber party...I've never hung out with girls the night before a race! It's about time...

Zaneta said...

fun fun fun!! :) Have a great time! :) Slumber parties are always fun :)

ashleys said...

What an amazing cause!! Have a great time!