Friday, September 2, 2011

For your viewing pleasure!

Ok, pleasure may be a strong word! Instead let's say these photos are to show how much I love you all, but I must warn you, they aren't pretty! The first is right after Zumba on Thursday (sporting my best Amanda pose) and the second is my best Zumba pose!

Unfortunately, my pelvic bone did start to give me some trouble during class so I had to back off near the end and I eventually just went to the bathroom so I wasn't standing there like an idiot! Oh, and big lesson learned, sweaty legs and butt do not mix well with the toilet seat covers! Yes, I was literally peeling it off me! Before that, though, I was really enjoying the class, working up a bigger sweat because I could really get into the moves this time since I knew more what we were doing. Maybe my extra oomph in the hip swiggles is what hurt my pelvis, who knows!

And truly for your viewing pleasure, as if you're not sick of seeing pictures of her, Miss Riley!


Zaneta said...

yay for zumba! :) sorry your pelvic bone started acting up! AND... how could anyone be sick of seeing pictures of cute little Riley!?! So cute! :)

Athletes4Life said...

what a great blog! love the idea behind it!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Fun post!! Pretty baby girl!!