Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Went Girl! (YGG Recap)

As always, an event this BIG and AWESOME is best retold in pictures!

I wasn't running this year, I simply wanted to be race support! So Riley and I left from the walk and met up with Stacie and Kim. The plan was expo, dinner, then slumber party! It almost went that way...

Me, Stacie, Kim, and Kerrie (little man sticking out does belong to Kerrie!) Yes, Riley is in the stroller. The expo wasn't huge, but Running Skirts was there and I may have purchased my first one!

This is where we detoured! We had a few hours to kill and I knew of a 'killer' cupcake shop called Hello, Cupcake! so we stopped in to eat dessert first!

Don't know what they're doing!

Another small detour...when Cougs play on Huskies ground, things can get dangerous!

Said Coug and Husky at Spaghetti Factory for dinner.

Self portrait of Riley and I before the food came.

And the other side of the table, Stacie and Carla.

All of us, post meal!

The Slumber Party was great! This was the part I needed the most. Just the girls hangin out and chattin. Of course, toe beautification was also done! Which toes belong to whom?

As course support, I made a few signs. This is for Kerrie's sub-2 attempt, (which she crushed!)

Mel doesn't sweat, she sparkles!

I was so glad Alma decided to come and cheer with me! It really made the experience that much more fun. Plus, I had someone to get lost with! Here she is with Kim and Riley.

Kerrie with her coach Mel!

Me and some lady who wanted a photo with me! I must be a celebrity! Oh wait, it was the other way around!

Mel and Stacie

Team Will Run for Ice Cream

Me with some of the team-Jamie, Stacie, Julie, Jill, Kerrie, and Mel. A lot of people who saw this sign were excited for ice cream at the end, oops!

Mother/Daughter 10kers!

It's like where's waldo! Kerrie and Tall Mom are in there!

This would have been a great pic of Stacie, but this lady stepped right in front of her!

Can you see Kadie?

Most of us, post race, cold and wet, ready to head to The Rock for warm food!

My baby got held by an Internet celebrity! At least it is an upgrade from Tila Tequila!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Great pics! So glad you guys were there. Hahaha about Tila Tequila...

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

You are so funny!! Far from celebrity, I am your friend.

THANK YOU for being there and taking pictures and letting me get in some baby time.


Zaneta said...

yay!! it looks like you had a great time!! :) I'm so glad you had fun! :) Girl's nights are always the best :)

Alma said...

So nice to see you! I keep thinking about Coach and wondering about the outcome of the Amazing Race ap!