Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Now that's more like it!

First I want to say a big thanks to Kadie at There She Runs for making a donation to Autism Speaks for our walk this Saturday. Gotta admit, I am a little sad no one else can join us, but there is always next year...I will get you!

But onto the great news. I stepped on the scale Monday morning (yes, before I ate) and was greeted by a lovely 157! So if I go from my starting weight of 160, then I lost 3 lbs last week. Now, that really is more like it. Unfortunately, I have seen that number before, but I could never get below it, I always bounced back to 160. Let's hope this time I can actually keep losing! I want to be a Big Loser! The kind that loses weight, not the kind that ends up on Bachelor Pad (hello, my guilty pleasure!)

Speaking of working out, my routine is down pretty good, M W F is water aerobics, with some water running afterwards, and T TH is zumba, followed by more cardio. I don't currently "work out" on the weekends, should I start? And I don't have runner's feet, but I am starting to get water aerobics toes!

I swear it is worse than it looks! Plus, who doesn't love to see a pic of my piggies!
The bottom of the pool has rough spots and my big toe is getting all ripped up. Maybe I will have to start sporting some of those cool water shoes! Happy Humpday!


LaVonne said...

Ha! I had that happen to my feet when I ran at the pool. It does hurt! I ended up buying some used aqua shoes on ebay (is that gross?).

Great job on the workouts and weight loss!

Tortuga_Runner said...

Workouts on the weekend? LOL I think 5 days a week is a good start. New races and events that require more time will pop up soon enough, I would just enjoy...and buy some water shoes. Great job nailing down a routine.